ITAL 106†† Intensive Italian

Anna Cafaro

M T W Th .

11:15 -1:15 pm



8 credits This course enables students with little or no previous knowledge of Italian to complete three semesters of college Italian in five months: 8 credits at Bard and 4 credits in Italy in June, where the students will continue daily intensive study of the Italian language and culture while living with Italian families. At Bard, students attend eight hours of class per week, plus two hours with the Italian tutor. The course methodology is based on a communicative approach, which includes grammar drills, guided compositions, oral practice, role-plays, readings and analysis of authentic material.

Class size: 20



ITAL 202†† Intermediate Italian II

Joseph Luzzi

. T W Th .

9:00 - 10:00 am



Students will consolidate and further explore grammar structures; they will enrich vocabulary and continue developing their skills in spoken and written Italian through the analysis of literature and theater exerts as well as samples of authentic material from magazines, video, opera and pop songs. Prerequisites: Intermediate I (or the equivalent). Class size: 18



ITAL 226†† Women in Modern Italian Lit.

Anna Cafaro

M . W . .

1:30 -2:50 pm



Cross-listed: Gender & Sexuality Studies This course will examine women as represented in modern Italian literature from Giovanni Verga (1870s) to Franca Rame (1970s). The dramatic changes in social, political, and economic roles of Italian women in this period will provide the context for class discussion. We will focus on form and genre; the authorís use of language and rhetoric; the political, philosophical, and theological questions posed by the text; women under fascism; representations of women as wives and mothers. Special attention will be on freedom and dignity; love, abortion, and divorce; the struggle for sexual self-determination; etc. Readings include: SibillaAleramo, Anna Banti, Alberto Moravia, DaciaMaraini. The course will develop studentsí critical reading skills, understanding of modern and contemporary Italian culture, and knowledge of issues of gender.Prerequisites: two years of Italian or equivalent. Taught in Italian.

Class size: 18