What is Religion?



HUM 135 RD What is Sikhism?

Richard Davis

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11:50 am 1:10pm

HEG 308


1 credit Who are those bearded men wearing turbans, going into places they call gurdwaras? Contrary to what some Americans believe, they are not terrorists affiliated with al-Queda, but Sikhs, adherents of a religion founded about 500 years ago in northern India. In this course we will read the peaceful devotional poetry of the Sikh founder Guru Nanak, examine the history of this religious tradition in India, explore their primary practices of worship, and consider the construction of Sikh identity. Sikhs have been emigrating to North America for over a hundred years, and we will also investigate some of the challenges this diaspora community has faced in the United States. Four-week course. The class will meet from April 2nd to April 25th.



HUM 135 SM What is Islam?

Salahuddin Muhammad

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7:00pm 8:20pm

OLIN 202

1 credit This course will provide the student with a comprehensive overview of the key texts, practices, and beliefs of Islam, in a historical context. Upon completing this course students should be better equipped to sketch the outlines of Islamic History from the time of Muhammad to the present day. Students should be able to articulate the basic tenets of Islamic Thought and its development over time. Lastly, students should be able to describe various elements of Islamic practice, and demonstrate an awareness of the great variety of Islamic expression and belief. Class will meet from Jan. 30 March 20.