HEB 102 Elementary Hebrew II

David Nelson

M T W Th .

1:30 pm -2:30 pm

OLIN 302


Cross-listed: Jewish Studies Students will continue to develop their language skills focusing on mastering the Verb System in the present tense,developing reading techniques for comprehension and building a rich and active vocabulary in order to improve their written and oral abilities. Students will continue to explore the various elements of Israeli Culture using technology and media ( popular songs, movies newspapers). This course is open to students who have completed Heb 101, or any other basic instruction in Hebrew. Class size: 15



HEB 202 Intermediate Hebrew II

Kim Yaffe

. T W Th .

11:50 am 1:10 pm

Center for James / OLIN 302


Cross-listed: Jewish Studies The purpose of this course is to enable students to improve their Hebrew skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Stress will be put on syntactical and structural elements of Hebrew texts, Grammar and active use of communication. This course will use a mix of practical and literary texts relating to Israeli culture, social issues and politics. Special emphasis will be on students' personal contribution and group presentations. Class size: 8



JS 315 The Culture of Yiddish

Cecile Kuznitz

. . . Th .

1:30 pm -3:50 pm

OLIN 306


Cross-listed: History For nearly one thousand years Yiddish was the primary language of European Jewry and its emigrant communities. This class will explore the role of Yiddish in Jewish life and the rich culture produced in the language. Topics will include the sociolinguistic basis of Jewish vernacular languages; medieval popular literature for a primarily female audience; the role of Yiddish in the spread of Haskalah (the Jewish Enlightenment); attempts to formulate a secular Jewish identity around the Yiddish language; the flourishing of modern Yiddish press, literature, and theater and their intersection with European modernism; contemporary Hasidic (ultra-Orthodox) culture; and the ongoing debate over the alleged death of Yiddish. All readings will be in English translation. Familiarity with the Hebrew alphabet and/or Jewish history helpful but not required. Class size: 15



LIT 328 Ideology and Politics in Modern Literature

Justus Rosenberg

. T . . .

10:10am - 12:30pm

OLIN 303




HIST 181 Jews in the Modern World

Cecile Kuznitz

M . W . .

11:50 am -1:10 pm

ASP 302




HIST 2701 The Holocaust, 1933-1945

Cecile Kuznitz

M . W . .


RKC 200




REL 257 Gender and Sexuality in Judaism

David Nelson

. T . Th .

11:50 am -1:10 pm

OLIN 203




SOC 140 Israeli Society at the Crossroads

Yuval Elmelech

. T . Th .

10:10am - 11:30am

OLIN 201