FREN 106   Basic Intensive French

Odile Chilton / Eric Trudel

M T W Th F

M T W Th F

8:50 -9:50 am

10:10 - 11:10 am




(8 credits) This course is designed for students who wish to acquire a strong grasp of the French language and culture in the shortest time possible. Students with little or no previous experience of French will complete the equivalent of three semesters of college‑level French. The semester course meets ten hours a week, using a variety of pedagogical methods, and will be followed by a four‑week stay at the Institut de Touraine (Tours, France). There the students will continue daily intensive study of the French language and culture while living with French families (successful completion of the course in France carries 4 additional credits). Students must consult with Profs. Odile Chilton or Eric Trudel before on-line registration.  Class size: 25



FREN 203   Intermediate French III

Odile Chilton

M T . Th .

10:10 - 11:10 am



In this continuation of the study of French civilization and culture, students will be able to reinforce their skills in grammar, composition and spoken proficiency, through the use of short texts, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as video. Students will meet the French tutor for one extra hour during week for workshops

Class size: 22



FREN 270   Advanced Composition and Conversation

Marina Van Zuylen

. T . Th .

10:10 - 11:30 am



This course is primarily intended to help students fine-tune their command of spoken and written French. It focuses on a wide and diverse selection of writings (short works of fiction, poems, philosophical essays, political analysis, newspaper editorials or magazine articles, etc.) loosely organized around a single theme. The readings provide a rich ground for cultural investigation, intellectual exchange, in-class debates, in-depth examination of stylistics and, of course, vocabulary acquisition. Students are encouraged to write on a regular basis and expected to participate fully to class discussion and debates. A general review of grammar is also conducted throughout the course. Class size: 20



FREN 337   French 20th Century Fiction

Eric Trudel

. T . Th .

3:10 -4:30 pm

OLIN 306


This course offers an introduction to major novels of 20th Century France. From Proust’s and Gide’s self-reflective narrations, through Celine’s violence, Sartre’s Existentialism, Camus'  Absurde, all the way to the formal experiments of the New Novel and Oulipo, the evolution of the French Novel reflects the fate of a disintegrating  genre, where mimesis is rejected. Through close readings and scrutiny of the socio-historical context, we will pay special attention to the figure of the solitary anti-hero, emphasize the ambiguity of political commitment, while incorporating relevant aesthetic theories. Texts includes works of Gide, Bataille, Céline, Sartre, Camus, des Forêts, Duras, Robbe-Grillet, Perec, and Toussaint. Secondary readings in English. Taught in French.  Class size: 15



FILM 358   Auteur Studies: The Legacy

of Robert Bresson

Richard Suchenski


. . W .

. T . . .

1:30 -4:30 pm

7:00 - 10:00 pm






HIST 2134   Comparative Atlantic Slave Societies

Christian Crouch

M . W . .

11:50 -1:10 pm

OLIN 204