REL / THEO 114†† Introduction to the New Testament

Joseph Mali

. . W . F

10:10- 11:30 pm

RKC 100


This theology course is open to students without prior knowledge of the Bible. It will provide an overview of the New Testament as a while. Topics to be covered will include the historical and political issues of the New Testament. Special attention will be given to the major themes of the New Testament. The diversity of the different books will also be considered. The presentation of the topics will be by discussion.Class size: 22



REL / THEO 201†† Working Theologies

Jacob Neusner

. . W . .

10:10- 12:30 pm

OLIN 101


This lecture course will provide an overview of the major religious traditions. The course will be introduce the principal world religions (religious traditions that flourish in more than a single location), with attention also to indigenous religions (religions that flourish in one location mainly or only) and to new religions (religions that have coalesced in the past century or so). The presentation of the topics will follow a single outline, so that comparisons between and among religious traditions are facilitated.This course will follow Professor Neusnerís textbook on comparative religions.†† Class size: 20



LIT 257†† Literature of the U.S. I -Amazing Grace: The Puritan Legacy in American Literature & Culture

Elizabeth Frank

. . W . .

. . . Th .

3:10- 4:30 pm

1:30- 2:50 pm

OLIN 101



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ARTH 160†† Survey of Latin American Art

Susan Aberth

M . W . .

3:10- 4:30 pm

OLIN 102