SST 298†† Exiles, Refugees, and Survivors: The Exodus from Hitlerís Germany

David Kettler

. . . Th .

4:00 -6:20 pm

OLIN 306


Cross-listed:German Studies, Jewish Studies, History, Human Rights, Political Studies, Sociology†† This interdisciplinary course explores the principal conflicts and adjustments affecting the immigration to the United States of refugees from Central Europe who sought asylum from Nazi oppression by choice, necessity, or both.  It also addresses the diverse political, social and cultural constellations implicated in the unsymmetrical negotiations that shaped the varied outcomes for these refugees, especially for those that succeeded in gaining admission to the United States.  The historical case study provides important materials for inquiries in political studies, sociology, Jewish Studies and Human Rights, as well as historical subfields of intellectual history, history of arts and literature, and students will be encouraged to develop research projects in the fields closest to their main interests.