ITAL 111   Accelerated Italian II

Anna Cafaro

M T W Th F

1:25 -2:25 pm



Part two of the year-long Accelerated Italian course, open only to those students who completed the first segment of the course in fall 2009 and the interterm in Florence. The course will continue to cover the major topics of grammar through intensive practice in the four skills (speaking, comprehension, reading and writing). In this semester, the textbook is supplemented by regular multimedia work in the Bard Foreign Language Resource Center and a required weekly tutorial with the foreign language tutor to practice oral skills. 



ITAL 202   Intermediate Italian II

Joseph Luzzi

. T W Th .

. . . . F

10:30 - 11:50 am

10:30 - 11:30 am

RKC 200


A continuation of ITAL 201: Intermediate Italian I. Comprehensive review through practice in writing and conversation. Discussion, compositions and oral reports based on Italian literary texts and cultural material.



ITAL 315   New Voices in Contemporary Italian Literature

Anna Cafaro

. T . . .

. . . Th .

4:00 -6:20 pm

4:00 -5:20 pm

OLIN 107


In the last 20 years Italy has become a country of immigration, a bridge-country that connects people from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe to Western Europe. The course will examine the new reality of Italy as a nation with a significant population of immigrants. Focusing on the evolving meaning of cultural identity in Italy today, we will read short stories by four immigrant writers (Amara Lakous, Laila Wadia, Gabriella Ghermandi and Igiaba Scego), and watch two movies (Lezioni di cioccolato, Io e l’altro). Through these artistic expressions students will investigate themes such as immigration, social integration, national identity, politics, religion, and the plurality of Italian society. This is a writing intensive course. The general goals of the writing component of the course are to improve the development, composition, organization, and revision of analytical prose; the use of evidence to support an argument; strategies of interpretation and analysis of texts; and the mechanics of grammar and documentation. Regular short writing assignments will be required."



ITAL / LIT 3365   Modern and Contemporary

Italian Women Writers:  Literature in Translation

Amelia Moser

. . W . .

4:00 -6:20 pm

OLIN 305


See Literature section for description.