JAPN 102†† Introductory Japanese II

Hoyt Long

M T W Th .

9:20-10:20 am



Cross-listing:Asian Studies†† The second part of a two-semester sequence introducing the fundamentals of the Japanese language. Students will systematically develop their abilities in the four primary skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.Course work will consist of extensive study of basic grammar, language lab work, conversation practice, and simple composition exercises.



JAPN 202†† Intermediate Japanese II

Michiko Baribeau

. T W Th .

9:20-10:20 am

OLIN 107


Cross-listed: Asian Studies†† This course accelerates the acquisition of Chinese characters and introduces more complex grammatical patterns and expressions with the goal of refining studentsí mastery of modern Japanese. Prerequisite: Japanese 102 or equivalent.



JAPN 303†† Advanced Readings

in Japanese

Michiko Baribeau

. T . Th .

1:00 pm -2:20 pm

OLIN 304


Cross-listing:Asian Studies†† This course will enhance the speaking, listening, reading, and writings skills of the third and fourth year Japanese language student through the examination of various kinds of cultural material, including literature, history, political analysis, newspaper editorials, poetry, and film. Students are expected to participate fully in class discussion and debates. They will also be introduced to higher level grammatical structures and idiomatic phrases important for reading and writing modern Japanese. Prerequisite: 302 or equivalent.