The on-line pre-registration system will open for students at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, November 30th , and close at 9:00 am on Tuesday, December 4th .  All courses for which on-line early registration is available are marked in the coursebook as On-line registration at the end of the course description. To be eligible to use the system you must be financially cleared with the office of student accounts.


The “regular” registration day will be on Wednesday, December 12th. Your registration card will be placed in your campus mailbox on Tuesday, December 11th, and will list all the courses for which you have been pre-registered through the on-line system.


All faculty who used the on-line system will be in their offices on registration day, and, if there is space available, will continue to sign students up for those courses for which on-line pre-registration was available. Faculty who chose not to use the on-line system will be in Olin as usual.


Faculty will only be able to pre-register you if you use the on-line system (that is, sending an email will not put you on the official list of students who have requested pre-registration).


If you are a senior we will automatically register you for the second half of your senior project. You do not need to request registration through the on-line system.


First-year seminar registration will happen after registration for other courses.


Before using the pre-registration system, please be sure to read the coursebook thoroughly and meet with your adviser to discuss course selection for the spring. 


to use the system…


·                              go to

·                              click on "bip" in the menu on the left – this takes you to the login page for the Bard information system

·                              enter your bard email login (e.g. aa111)

·                              enter your bard email password (you will have to check with the Henderson Computer Center help desk if you have lost it)

·                              click on "student menu"

·                              click "on-line pre-registration”

·                              enter your pin

·                              select one course from each of the drop-down boxes on the pre-registration page. Each box contains the full list of all courses for which on-line pre-registration is available

·                              the form does not check for schedule conflicts, so be sure to check carefully before clicking the “submit” button at the bottom of the page


            please bear in mind...

·        double check your choices before submitting

·        if you return to the same pre-registration site after making your requests you will see a list of the courses you have requested, and whether they have been approved

·        faculty will have the option of sending you an email asking for information. This email will go to your Bard email address, so be sure to check you email regularly.


            If you are having trouble logging in to “bip”…

·        when logging in use lower case for your bard email login

·        be sure that your browser is set to “accept cookies” (the system has to be able to remember who you are to record your requests

·        if all else fails, try closing the browser and all internet connections, and re-open the browser. Computers are easily confused.