Q Courses: the Quantitative Requirement


Each of the courses listed below has quantitative methods and concepts as a significant component of the course. Each Q course has a certain level of mathematical facility as a prerequisite. This facility must be demonstrated by a satisfactory grade on the Quantitative Placement Examination or by completing the assistance program designed by the Director of Quantitative Skills.


 BIO 110             Biostatistics

 BIO 206             Evolution

CHEM 102         Basic Prin of Chemistry

CHEM 202         Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 311         Bio-Organic Chemistry

CMSC 142         Computer Science II

CMSC 225         Computer Architecture

CMSC 305         Design of Programming Languages

CMSC 335         Computer Networks

ECON 101          Intro to Microeconomics

ECON 329          Econometrics

MATH 111          Calculus I

MATH 112          Calculus II

MATH 131          Exploration in Number Theory

MATH 135          Game Theory

MATH 212          Vector Calculus

MATH 242          Elementary Linear Algebra

MATH 261          Proofs and Fundamentals

MATH 322          Operations Research

MATH 332          Abstract Algebra

MATH 351          Point Set Topology

MATH 405          Mathematical Logic

NSCI 182           Acoustics, Physics, and Music

NSCI 192           Simulating Reality

PHYS 102          Intro to Physics II

PHYS 303          Mechanics

PSY 204              Research Methods in Social Psychology