Course No.

AS 102


Introduction to American Culture and Values


Donna Ford Grover


Mon Wed 10:00 am 11:20 pm OLIN 205

This course is an introduction to the multidisciplinary study of American culture. We will examine both the problematics and the fruits of a national culture. Weighed down with the authority of custom, a national culture imposes a sense of obligation to all who belong to a society, but it affects groups and individuals differently, according to the variables of gender, race and class. This course will compare and contrast visions of American culture during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We will study the works of Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, W.E.B DuBois, Georgia O'Keefe, Ralph Ellison, Elvis Presley among others.






Course No.

AS 220


American Popular Culture: 1950-2000


Aureliano DeSoto


Mon Wed 7:00 pm - 8:20 pm OLIN 201

Cross-listed: Gender and Sexuality Studies, SRE

What do we mean when we talk about popular culture? The post-war development of American popular culture in media, literature, and advertising has been an arena of struggle over what constitutes the popular and its moral, ethical, and political meanings, especially since the advent of televisual media and focused marketing capable of reaching (and presumably influencing) thousands of people simultaneously. This course examines the development of American popular culture industries and phenomena following World War Two, examining the particular social and political forces that inform the emergence of the American popular sphere, its diffusion both nationally and internationally, and how popular culture develops and supports particular ideas of what constitutes the American. Specific foci include television, the development of consumer audiences (in particular women and racial and sexual minorities), independent film, print culture, and advertising.


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