Course No.

CRES 399


CRES Research Seminar


Sanjay DeSilva


Tu 6:00 pm - 7:20 pm ALBEE 106

2 credits The CRES Research Seminar is required for students moderated in Community, Regional and Environmental Studies. This two-credit core course meets one evening per week for 80 minutes every spring semester. Students are expected to take CRES 399 twice, during the Junior and Senior years, for four credits total. The primary responsibility for conducting the seminar rotates annually among the core faculty of the CRES program, who also participate as frequent guests of the class. The seminar provides a forum for interdisciplinary contact among scholars who approach similar problems from diverse perspectives. Students and faculty will share tips on research methods and sources, academic writing, and strategies for designing and executing a successful project. Each senior will give a class presentation based on the senior project, while each junior will give a presentation based on a published journal article. One or two discussants will be assigned for each presentation. Grades are based on attendance and participation. Note: CRES 399 is required for students who moderate(d) in CRES during or after Fall 2001. (Students planning to graduate in December will take CRES 399 during their Junior I and Senior I terms.) Current juniors who moderated during or before Spring 01 are expected but not required to take CRES 399 during their junior and senior years (Spring 02 and Spring 03). Current seniors are encouraged to take CRES 399 during Spring 02. Prerequisite: Upper College status. Space permitting, Upper College students not moderated in CRES may take CRES 399 with permission of the primary instructor.