LITERATURE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: for new students entering in fall 2000, six courses in literature before moderation, including two consecutive terms in a sequence course and one additional term from the same or a different sequence. Sequence courses are: English Literature I, II, III; U.S. Literature I, II, III; and Comparative Literature I, II, III. For students who entered before fall 2000, requirements include six courses before moderation, including one term of a sequence course and one Literature I course.

Students who entered before fall 2000 who have not yet taken Lit. I should draw their Lit. I course from courses now listed as 100-level courses. Note that any student may use language courses or one creative writing course to count toward the six required for moderation. After moderation, students choose seminars at the 300 level, and often tutorials in special topics as well. Students are encouraged to study a language other than English, and study-abroad programs are easily combined with a literature major. Any course at the 100 level and many courses at the 200 level are open to first-year students.