The Foreign Languages faculty conduct a cross-disciplinary language program in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. This programís purpose is to reach out and provide sophisticated upper-level foreign language education to students from all fields so that they may become literate in a language other than English.

The program pays heed to a student's individual ambitions by incorporating a foreign language component into regularly offered courses in his/her field. More specifically, the language faculty teach tutorials in which significant works or passages are read and discussed in the foreign language. Thus, for example, a philosophy major with a two-year proficiency in German, will read Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy in both English (in "Nineteenth-Century Continental Philosophy") and in German (in the concurrent tutorial). It goes without saying that such an intertwining of regular course with language tutorial will lead to a salutary cross-fertilization in a student's apprehension of both form and content of a given work or passage.

To create tutorials as described above, contact the appropriate Language Faculty as noted below:

French Prof. Odile Chilton, Andre Aciman, or Marina van Zuylen

German Prof. Franz Kempf or Prof. Susan Bernofsky

Italian Prof. Carlo Zei

Latin Prof. William Mullen

Spanish Prof. Melanie Nicholson or Prof. Lourdes Alvarez

Russian Prof. Marina Kostalevsky or Prof. Lindsay Watton