Course no. PHOT 101
Title Introduction to Photography
Professor Larry Fink
Schedule Wed 9:00 am -12:00 noon Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93241

An introduction to both the techniques and the aesthetics of black-and-white photography as a means of self-expression. Systematic instruction in darkroom techniques and weekly criticism of individual work provide the student with a solid basic understanding of the use of the camera as an expressive tool. The student must obtain within the first week of classes a camera (35mm or 2 1/4) with fully adjustable f/stops and shutter speeds and a handheld reflected light exposure meter. No previous photography experience is required. Admission is by portfolio (portfolio photographs do not have to have been printed by the student).

Course no. PHOT 103 A
Title Basic Photography I
Professor Barbara Ess
Schedule Mon 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93242

This course covers the same material as Photography 101 but is intended for beginning students who have had some previous photography experience. Admission is by portfolio.

Course no. PHOT 103 B
Title Basic Photography I
Professor Larry Fink
Schedule Tue 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93243

This course covers the same material as Photography 101 but is intended for beginning students who have had some previous photography experience. Admission is by portfolio.

Course no. PHOT 201
Title The View Camera
Professor Diana Michener
Schedule Fri 9:30 am -12:30 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93244

View cameras were the first cameras and were the primary photographic tool for the first half of photography's history. They offer unexcelled clarity, tonality, and image control. The operation of the view camera and advanced darkroom techniques are demonstrated in this course. The class explores the expressive potential of the conscious use of the camera's precise control of the image. Students are supplied with 4" x 5" camera outfits. Prerequisite: Photography 105 or 106. Admission is by portfolio.

Course no. PHOT 203
Title Color Photography
Professor Barbara Ess
Schedule Tue 9:30 am -12:30 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93245

An introduction to the problem of rethinking photographic picture-making through the medium of color photography. Transparencies, color negatives, and type C prints are the technical areas explored. Interested students should bear in mind the higher costs of color materials. Admission is by portfolio.

Course no. PHOT 215
Title Photography and Performance
Professor Laurie Dahlberg
Schedule Mon Wed 9:00 am - 10:20 am Olin 301
Distrib. A/C
CRN 93249

Cross-listed: Gender Studies, Integrated Arts,Victorian Studies

Modernist photographic practice, generally grounded in the notion of finding meaningful images in the actual world, has been actively subverted by many contemporary artists working in photography. These artists have rejected expectations that photography serve the true and actual, and have used photography in conjunction with fabrications and performances of all kinds, from the deceptively "real" to the gleefully artificial. This course investigates the diverse objectives, methods, and outcome of photography in various performative modes at several moments in the history of photography, including Victorian tableaux photography, fin-de-siècle pictorialism, surrealism and neo-surrealism, and postmodern stagings, constructions, and spectacle. Prerequisite: PHOT 110 or permission of the instructor. Maximum enrollment 18.

Course no. PHOT 220
Title Documentary Photography
Professor to be announced
Schedule Thu 1:30 pm -4:30 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. F
CRN 93246

The use of photography to document social conditions has been one of the richest and most problematic applications of the medium. This course will investigate the history and practice of documentary photography through readings, slide presentations, and field work. Providing a background to the studio aspects of the course will be a consideration of the history of documentary photography, from the reformist projects of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine through the use of documentary in the Farm Security Administration and elsewhere in the 1930s to the work of such contemporary documentarians as Eugene Richards and Mary Ellen Mark. Documentary's roots in anthropology, sociology, politics, and journalism, as well as recent critical challenges to the concept and practice of documentary, will also be considered. In addition, participants in the class will undertake independent documentary projects in the city of Hudson. They will be expected to bring weekly contributions to classroom discussions and critiques and to produce a final project of prints and related materials. They will also be responsible for writing a paper on an aspect of the history of documentary photography. Prerequisites: A basic command of photography, which can be demonstrated by having taken at least one course in photography. This will be an intense and fast-moving course, and prospective participants should be willing to invest the time needed to complete an extended documentary project. Enrollment limited.

Course no. PHOT 301
Title Advanced Photography
Professor Larry Fink
Schedule Mon 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Distrib. F
CRN 93248

To prepare the student for ongoing independent work, this course emphasizes the exploration of visual problems. At the heart of this exploration is asking good questions of oneself and one's work, seeing how other photographers and artists in other media have dealt with such questions, and "answering" the questions for oneself through individual projects. Prerequisite: Photography 201 and 203.

Course no. PHOT 305
Title Digital Imaging
Professor Oliver Wasow
Schedule Fri 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Henderson
Distrib. F
CRN 93247

This is an introductory class in the use of Adobe Photoshop for image processing. The first third of the semester will be spent studying techniques for color management, scanning, image processing, and outputting. For the last two thirds of the semester students will pursue individual projects, which will be critiqued in class. This class is open to both photography students and oth,br>ers, but admission is by permission of the instructor.

Course no. PHOT 320
Title Literature and Photography
Professor Laurie Dahlberg
Schedule Tue 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Olin 301
Distrib. A/B
CRN 93250

Cross-listed: Integrated Arts, Victorian Studies

In 1949, Clement Greenberg declared photography to be a "literary" medium, claiming that its greatest ability lay in its powers of description and narration, and not, he believed, in the domain of visual expressionism. Others have observed photography's utility and adaptability to be like that of the written word, and George Eastman whimsically predicted that future generations would cease speaking and writing altogether and would communicate simply by exchanging photographs. In this seminar we will test the limits of these arguments, follow the parallel paths of photography and literature as their forms and objectives shift during the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and examine their multiple connections, influences, and comminglings. Tackling the topic from multiple directions, we will consider such cases as: Zola's fundamental use of "photographic" detail; the conceptual function of photography in Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables; J.M. Cameron's illustrations for Tennyson's Idylls of the Kings; A.L. Coburn's illustration of H.G. Well's The Door in the Wall; Evans and Agee's collaboration on Let Us Now Praise Famous Men; and Barthe's Camera Lucida.

Course no. PHOT SEM
Title Senior Seminar
Schedule Th 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Woods Studio
Distrib. none
CRN 93251

The senior seminar is a requirement for all seniors majoring in photography. The seminar meets on a bi-weekly basis, and carries no credit.