Course no. ENSC 110
Title Physical Geography
Professor Carolyn Miller
Schedule Tue Th 9:00 am-10:20 am Olin 205

Lab: Tue 1:20 pm-5:00 pm Hegeman 308

Distrib. E/G/Q
CRN 93343

Physical geography, the study of the properties and processes which occur at Earth's surface and their interactions over large areas, is basic to all environmental sciences. This class will introduce students to the major features of our environment, such as weather, land forms, and vegetation, and the physical processes which control them. This interdisciplinary area of study will integrate principles from areas such as meteorology, ecology, oceanography, and geology, with the goal of understanding how they interact to shape our natural environment. The class will consist of lectures, labs, and fieldwork. Prerequisite: Eligibility for Q courses.

Course no. ENSC 305
Title Population and Community Ecology
Professor William Maple
Schedule Tu We Fri 9:00 am-10:20 am Hegeman 201

Lab: Th 1:20 pm-5:00 pm Hegeman 308

Distrib. E/G
CRN 93431

An introduction to the principles that govern the interactions of plants and animals with their physical and biotic environment. The course will stress modern concepts of community structure and development as well as the evolution and adaptation of individuals to their environment. We will have lectures, labs, and field trips. Prerequisites: Biology 101-102, Chemistry 101-102, and permission of the instructor.