Course no. ARAB 101
Title Beginning Arabic I
Professor Hezi Brosh
Schedule M T W Th 3:00 pm-4:00 pm Lang Ctr 210
Distrib. D
CRN 93447

The course is an introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as it is used in Arab countries today. It presents Arabic script and pronunciation, and essentials of basic Arabic structures, syntax and vocabulary. All these are reinforced by reading graded texts. Differences between MSA and educated spoken Arabic as well as significant aspects of Arab culture will be highlighted. Open to students with no previous knowledge in Arabic and to others in consultation with the Arabic coordinator.

Course no. ARAB 201/301
Title Intermediate/Advanced Arabic
Professor Hezi Brosh
Schedule Tue Th 1:20 pm-2:40 pm Lang Ctr 120
Distrib. B/D
CRN 93449

The course focuses on developing a significant level of linguistic and communicative competence in the language. The four linguistic skills will be dealt with simultaneously. Modern literary and expository texts, as well as a selection of texts from Arab media will be read to expand active and passive lexicon and grammatical structures. Differences between modern standard Arabic as well as aspects of Arab cultures will be highlighted. Open to students who have had Arabic 101, or at least one year of Modern Standard Arabic and the approval of the instructor.