D/D 101 Introduction to Play Analysis

Professor: R. Rockman

CRN: 92541 Distribution: F

Time:M 3:40 pm - 5:40 pm OLIN 201

Close reading of selected plays, with related readings, to give the beginning student performer insight into the interpretation of a text for performance and production. In-class, informal acting of play scenes. Recommended for all Drama/Dance majors before moderation. Open to non-majors in the Lower College with acting experience and inclinations. not intended for the Upper College student. September freshmen have priority, and registration in May will necessarily be limited.

D/D 310 Site Specific Theatre Workshop

Professor: Sichel

CRN: 92972 Distribution: F

Time: Wed 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

In this workshop students will focus on creating unique theatrical experiences inspired by sites on and around the Bard campus. Through a series of weekly assignments students will script, direct, choreograph, perform in, and critique each others' works. Limited to 10 students. By permission of the instructor, but open to non drama majors who have some background in drama, dance, or film.

D/D T315 Dramaturgy

Professor: R. Rockman

CRN: 92562 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm AVA

Open only to actors cast in one of the semester's productions and meeting during the rehearsal of that play, this one-credit tutorial, in three segments of five weeks each, serves as an extension of the rehearsal and is concerned with such matters as the source, style, and background of the play. Its aim is to provide fuel for the actors' imagination through relevant discussion, reading, and inquiry into any problem presented by the script and/or the world of the play, or into conceptual issues raised in the course of the production. Permission of the instructor is required. Students may not register until the plays have been cast.


All studio course meet in the Drama or Dance Studio unless otherwise stated.

D/D 103 Introduction to Acting and Dance

Every entering Drama/Dance major, whether a freshman or transfer student, is required to register for this combined class. The class is also open to non-majors. Four credits. There are five sections of acting, and six in dance technique. Students must choose one acting section for two credits, and two dance classes for one credit each. Students may not register for less than four credits, which are indivisible. (All three sections of the course must be completed and passed in order to earn credit for the course. Partial credit will not be awarded). Limited enrollment only before the fall registration. Distribution Area: F

CRN Section Instruction Schedule
92567 103 E Hickok Mon 10:30-12:30
92568 103 H Corley Tue 10:30-12:30
92569 103 G Sichel Thu 10:30-12:30
92570 103 D Thorton Thu 1:20-3:20
92571 103 F Bogart et al. Fri 1:30-3:30

CRN Section Instruction Schedule
92626 103 CC Reid Tue 8:45-10:15
92627 103 GG Boyce Wed 3:00-4:30
92628 103 EE Churchill Thu 8:45-10:15
92629 103 DD Latimer Thu 1:20-2:50
92630 103 FF1 Osberg Fri 11:00-12:30
92631 103 FF2 Osberg Fri 3:40-5:10

D/D 203, 303, 403 Units in Acting

Students specializing in Acting must register for two Units in Acting (D/D 203 or 303) for three credits each, and one Unit of Movement for Actors (D/D 221 or 321 depending on the student's level) for two credits. Students who register for the integrated Unit B in opera must also register for Speech and Voice for Actors (D/D 223, 323, or 423 depending on the student's level) for one additional credit. Admission will be by audition, and is limited to 10. Seniors majoring in acting choose two Units and a Movement for Actors, but register for them as D/D 401 or D/D 402 for four credits; one Unit of Studio in Acting for two credits; and Movement for Actors for two credits. Distribution Area: F
Units In Acting
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
203 E
303 E
403 E
Hickok Mon 1:30-3:30
203 G
303 G
403 G
Sichel Tue 10:30 - 12:30
203 H
303 H
403 H
Corley Tue 1:30-3:30
203 D
303 D
403 D
Thorton Thu 3:40-5:40
203 F
303 F
403 F
Bogart Et al. Friday 11:00 1:00

D/D 203 B, 303 B, 403 B - Opera Unit

This semester the unit will work on scenes from Debussy's opera P‚lleas & M‚lisande parallel to, and in tandem with, the Department's rehearsal of the play of which it is a setting. The play is to be produced in November. To this end Jeffrey Sichel, the play's director, will join the teaching of the Unit, and the actors in the play when it is cast will register and work in the Unit. The Unit, meanwhile, is entirely open to others not in the play. Distribution Area: F

Opera Unit B
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
203 Unit B
303 Unit B
403 Unit B
Burrows/Driver/Sichel Wed 1:30-4:30

D/D 223, 323, 423 Speech and Voice for Actors

Distribution Area: F
Speech and Voice for Actors
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
Driver/ Burrows Wed 1:30-4:30

D/D 221, 321, 421 Movement for Actors

Distribution Area: F
Movement for Actors
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
Churchill Mon 11:00-12:00


Those for whom dance is their speciality must register for four sections of Studio in Dance (D/D 211, 311, or 411 depending on the student's level). Each section of D/D 211, 311 and 411 is graded separately for one credit. The four credits are indivisible. Majors in dance must also register for Dance Composition and Dance workshop (217, 317, 417) for four credits. Seniors majoring in dance should register for D/D 401 or 402 for four credits, and four studio technique classes for four credits (D/D 211, 311, or 411), and must attend Dance Composition classes and Dance Workshop. These courses are open to non majors with proven experience, inclination, and permission of the instructors. Distribution Area F

Studio in Intermediate Dance II Studio in Advanced Dance III and IV
Studio in Intermediate Dance II
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
92596 211 C Reid Mon 11:00-12:30
92597 211 E Churchill Tue 3:40-5:10
92599 211 G Boyce Wed 1:20-2:50
92598 211 D Latimer Thu 4:45-6:15

Studio in Advanced Dance III & IV
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
311 C
411 C
Reid Mon 1:20-2:50
311 B
411 B
Reid (ballet) Tue 11:00-12:30
311 E
411 E
Churchill Wed 11:00-12:30
311 D
411 D
Latimer Thu 3:00-4:30

D/D 217, 317, 417 Studio in Dance Composition

All sections of the course must be taken at any level. Distribution Area: F
Studio in Dance Composition
CRN Section Instructor Schedule
92608 D/D 217 C/E Reid Mon 8:45-10:15
Wed 8:45-10:15
Mon 6:00-8:00
92609 317 C Reid/Churchill Thu 1:20-2:50
Mon 6:00-8:00
92610 417 C Reid/Churchill Tue 1:20-2:50
Mon 6:00-8:00

D/D 313 Studio in Directing

Professor: S. Driver

CRN: 92564 Distribution: F

Time: Thu 10:30 am - 12:30 pm AVA

Open to students who have fulfilled the prerequisites (D/D 103, 104, 122), have worked on a Drama/Dance production as a stage manager, and have the permission of the instructor. Very limited enrollment.

D/D 315 Dance Repertory

Professor: A. Reid

CRN: 92565 Distribution: F

Time:M 3:40 pm - 5:10 pm AVA

Open to Junior and Senior dance majors only, or by invitation of the instructor. One credit.

D/D 242 Studio in Technical Theater

Professor: N. Lunn

CRN: 91818 Distribution: F


A course in the methods, techniques, and practice of technical theater production. Stage management, scene building, lighting, wardrobe, property management, costume, and property building are taught through practical work on drama and dance productions of the Bard Theatre. Each student is assigned responsibility for technical work in one area of proven competence on at least one production in the course of the semester. The class meets once a week for planning and problem solving, and students will also be expected to attend production meetings for plays and dance theater as a support resource; to assist as required by the instructor; and to be familiar with the theater's work and problems in all areas. Each applicant must have worked successfully in the previous three semesters as a crew chief or assistant on at least two productions. Registration is limited to eight; by permission of the instructor. Open to nonmajors.