SPAN 106 Spanish Intensive

Professor: M. Nicholson

CRN: 91635 Distribution: B/D

Time: M T W Th 9:00 am ­ 10:00 am LC 120

M T W Th 11:00 am ­ 12:00 pm LC 120

This course is designed to enable students with little or no previous knowledge of Spanish to complete three semesters of college Spanish in five months (eight credits at Bard and four credits in Mexico in January). Students will attend eight hours of class per week plus two hours with the Spanish tutor. Emphasis will be on oral communication. Oral communication and reading and writing skills will be developed through a variety of approaches. The text, Espanol en espanol, will be supplemented by the innovative video program Destinos, frequent drill in the language laboratory, and a variety of cultural activities outside of class. During the month in Mexico, students will complete daily intensive study of Spanish at a language institute, live with a Mexican family, and make excursions to surrounding areas of interest. Admission by permission of the instructor.

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish

Professor: L. Alvarez

CRN: 91636 Distribution: D

Time: Tu W F 9:20 am - 10:20 am OLIN 107

For students who have completed Spanish 101­102. This course is designed to perfect the student's command of all four language skills (speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing). This will be achieved through an intensive grammar review, conversational practice, reading of modern Spanish texts, writing simple compositions, and language lab work.

SPAN 301 Interpretation of Hispanic Texts

Professor: L. Alvarez

CRN: 91899 Distribution: B/D

Time: Tue Th 1:20 pm - 2:40 pm OLIN 107

This course will provide an introduction to the literary analysis of texts--novels, short stories, poetry, and essays from Latin America and Spain. This course should serve as preparation for more advanced courses in Spanish literature. Attention will be paid to developing skills in reading and analytical writing. Students will improve their spoken Spanish through class discussions and oral presentations. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 330 The Short Narrative in Latin American


Professor: M. Nicholson

CRN: 91638 Distribution: D

Time:M W 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm LC 120

This course will trace the development of brief narrative forms from the Modernista period at the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Expanding the boundaries of the traditional short story, we will examine the prose vignettes of Juan Jose Arreola, the ficciones of Jorge Luis Borges, and short novels by Juan Rulfo and Elena Poniatowska. In addition to these authors, we will read works by Horacio Quiroga, Ernesto Sábato, Julio Cortázar, Gabriel García Marquez, Ana Lydia Vega, and Rosario Castellanos. Critical theory of the narrative as well as relevant historical and cultural issues will be part of class discussion. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 340 Cervantes' Don Quijote

Professor: L. Alvarez

CRN: 91639 Distribution: B/D

Time: Th 10:30 am - 12:30 pm PRE 101

Cervantes' Don Quijote was perhaps the first European bestseller, widely translated and reprinted within a few years of its original publication in Spanish. Despite a royal prohibition on importing fictional works to the New World, it was smuggled there in large quantities. A false sequel was published by an enterprising imitator and Cervantes was forced to kill off his would-be knight in the second volume. In his playful experimentation with narrative structure, biting satire of Renaissance literary form such as the pastoral, Byzantine and picaresque novels and the novela de caballeria, Cervantes explored the transformative powers of the imagination and created what has often been called the first "modern" novel. In this course we will read Cervantes' Don Quijote as well as some of his Novelas ejemplares and Entremeses and attempt to define his theory of the novel and its impact on European literature. Conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: Interpretation of Hispanic Texts.