ART 101 ACH Basic Painting I

Professor: A. Cheng

CRN: 91837 Distribution: F

Time:M 1:30 pm ­ 5:30 pm

This course is perceptually based. It is taught with oil colors and is meant as a general introduction to perceptual painting for students who both have and have not had prior painting experience. Students are introduced to painting materials, paint handling (both additive and subtractive), the concept of creating a coherent illusionistic space, unity of light and color, the concept of cool and warm colors and their spatial properties, composition, paint quality and surface tension. Still life set-ups are used in the first half of the semester and the model in the second half. Students who competently complete this course are expected to be prepared in the following semester to find and explore their own subject matter and painting interests.

ART 101 MR Basic Painting I

Professor: M. Reich

CRN: 91847 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 1:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm

An introduction to the language and methods of constructing a painting. Working from still life, landscape, and model, students will examine fundamental principles of color, form, space, and composition both formally and for their expressive potential. Practical demonstrations in color and in the proper use of materials will be given.

ART 102 ACO Basic Painting II

Professor: A. Cote

CRN: 91841 Distribution: F

Time: W 1:00 pm ­ 4:00 pm

This painting studio will concentrate on extending the student's formal development through a continual exploration of abstract as well as illusionistic subjects. Alternate materials, scale and size adjustment, and other areas of procedure and formal choice for the student will be presented over the semester. Outside of class problems (a minimum of three hours per week) should relate to the in class information and Basic Drawing II is required to be taken with this course.

ART STU AS Studio: Painting

Professor: A. Sillman

CRN: 92079 Distribution: F

Time: Tu 1:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm

ART STU ACO Studio: Painting

Professor: A. Cote

CRN: 91840 Distribution: F

Time: Th 9:30 am ­ 12:30 pm

This painting studio will concentrate on the procedure of the student's visual painting language focusing on the personal selection of subject/content with constructive decisions on formal plastic issues, scale, technical approach, and evolution to consciously realize the paintings direction and development. Outline notes with visual studies will be required for each painting and will be reviewed and discussed with the instructor. Different approaches and new areas of exploration will be encouraged.