MUS 103 Explorations in Music

Professor: J. Golan

CRN: 91852 Distribution: n/a

Time: W 10:30 am ­ 12:30 pm BLM Hall

An introductory course designed to develop an understanding of music. After focussing on the general elements of music, selected works from the western musical tradition will be studied with regard to expression, form, style and historical perspective.

MUS 134 Fundamentals of Music I

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart

CRN: 91853 Distribution: F

Time: Tue F 1:30 pm ­ 3:00 pm BLM 117

Exploring the elements of music-making through analysis, compositions, and performance.

MUS 135 Ear Training I

Professor: D. Hagen

CRN: 91854 Distribution: n/a

Time: W Th 1:30 pm ­ 3:00 pm BLM 117

This course is open to music-majors and non music-majors. Students will acquire sight-reading skills; fixed-do solfege will be taught; interval identification, chord identification, rhythmic and melodic dictation, rudimentary roman numeral analysis, and chorale reading will be introduced. Students are expected to be able to read music and should speak with the instructor before registering.

MUS 164 Symphonic Thought in the 19thC

Professor: L. Botstein/M. Mandarano

CRN: 92209 Distribution: A/C

Time: M 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

An overview of the development of form, content, meaning and ideology as expressed through symphonic writing. The course will include a look into the social and cultural conditions that influenced symphonic style and the evolution of the genre through the works of composers ranging from Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, Wagner, Strauss, and Mahler. Readings in Rosen, Dahlhaus, Adorno and others. Score reading and analysis skills will be covered as necessary. For music majors or advanced students in music: you may register for this course as Music 364. An extra one-hour session will be provided for an in-depth analysis of works in the symphonic repertoire.

MUS 171 Jazz Harmony

Professor: T. Barker

CRN: 91855 Distribution: F

Time:M 10:30 am ­ 12:30 pm BLM 117

An introductory course in Jazz Harmony that will help to identify and understand chords and chord progressions that are most commonly used in Jazz.

MUS 211 Jazz in Literature

Professor: T. Barker

CRN: 92208 Distribution:

Time: Th 10:30 am ­ 12:30 pm BLM 117

This course is designed for music lovers and readers of literature. This study group will explore literary texts (short stories, novels, plays) that have a jazz theme, with the goal of scrutinizing the synergy of two great American art forms -- literature and jazz in the 20th century. Our reading list will include James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Ann Petry, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Donald Bathelme, Ralph Ellison and others. Two papers will be expected as well as participation in class discussion.

MUS 244 Listening/Study/Reading/Workshare

Professor: B. Boretz

CRN: 91894 Distribution: n/a

Time: Th 1:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm Brook House

cross-listed: Music Program Zero

A convergence of sounds to hear, including (at any given time) music of any cultural or historical moment, contemporary developments in sound expression, and a variety of metamusical phenomena, including the pursuit of analytical/critical studies (including writing analytically/critically/creatively about music), and readings over a wide variety of materials, including culture-historical, aesthetic-historical, ethnographic, theoretical and hermeneutical texts relating to, though not necessarily always directly engaged with, music. This semester, a variety of threads will be pursued through the course of the group's work (including: variant forms of the blues; classic songs of the American popular culture; the music of the modernist revolution; music of the present moment; cross-cultural perspectives on popular music in the third world). The project is designed for intensive and active participation by a few people who already have a serious intellectual engagement with music as listeners, and, hopefully, also with musical issues as musicmakers and thinkers.

MUS 253 Music before 1600

Professor: F. Hammond

CRN: 91856 Distribution: n/a

Time: Th 10:30 am ­ 12:30 pm OLIN 104

An examination of representative works from the repertory of Western art music before 1600, with historical and analytical commentary. Important and representative works by seminal composers such as Hildegarde von Bingen, Perotin, Machaut, Dufay, Ockeghem, Josquin, Palestrina, Gesualdo, and others. Admission with permission of instructor; recommended for music majors.

MUS 331 Jazz: The Freedom Principle I

Professor: T. Barker

CRN: 91857 Distribution: F

Time:M 1:30 pm ­ 3:00 pm BLM 117

W 1:00 pm ­ 2:30 pm BLM HALL

Cross-listed: American Studies, MES

A jazz study of the cross­pollination between Post­Bop in the late fifties and Free Jazz. The course, which employs a cultural approach, is also designed to look at the social climate surrounding the music to examine its effects on the music from 1958 to the mid­sixties. Emphasis will be on artists and composers such as Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, and Horace Silver. Illustrated with recordings, films, and videos.

MUS 333 Broadway Musicals

Professor: D. Hagen

CRN: 91858 Distribution: n/a

Time: W 3:00 pm ­ 5:00 pm BLM HALL

From the Vaudeville Circuit to the Printed Circuit: the Evolution of the American Broadway Musical. A chronological survey course which begins with a look at the great vaudeville circuits of the 19th century and ends with an in-depth reading of Stephen Sondheim's works. The repertoire itself will be the center of the course. The instructor will play and sing from the scores of the shows studied; class members will sing, accompanied by the instructor. The lyrics, music, and books of shows will be dissected to show various strategies for building them. Each work studied will be placed in historical and artistic context. Special attention will be paid to the role that collaboration, the star system, backers, and commercialism have played in shaping the repertoire.


MUS WKSH A Workshop: Composition Seminar

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91859 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 1:30 pm ­ 3:30 pm BLM HALL

This class will compose music that will be written down and passed to players to be rehearsed and taped. Every step of the process is assisted (particularly at the notational level) and discussed. Players in the class, as well as professional players from outside, will later join in to help bring each piece to life in sound. In addition, other twentieth­century works are played and discussed and occasional visits to performances of new music in New York are made. Individual meetings are arranged on a regular basis.

MUS WKSH B Workshop: Performance Class

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart/J. Golan

CRN: 91860 Distribution: F

Time: Th 1:30 pm ­ 4:00 pm BLM HALL

This class is conceived as a unifying workshop for performing musicians within the department. Please meet with the instructor prior to or during registration. (Private lessons can be taken for credit by registering for this course).

MUS WKSH F Integrated Electronic Music/Art

Professor: R. Teitelbaum

CRN: 91861 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:00 pm ­ 5:30 pm BLM EMS

A hands-on multidisciplinary workshop developing methods to combine diverse arts and media in interactive live performances and installations. These connections will be made by means of personal computers and specially designed electronic interfaces linking humans and machines. The course will offer instruction in the mastery of the facilities of the Bard Electronic Music Studio, including digital sampling, MIDI sequencing, and the programming of real-time, interactive, MIDI-based software, extensible to video (eg. QuickTime) and other visual domains (lighting, slides, etc.). The course will include examination and discussion of the history and literature of multi-media composition and performance art in the Twentieth Century. It is hoped that a broad range of disciplines will be represented. Collaboration with students working in film/video, drama/ dance, visual arts, music, and writing are actively encouraged, as are those with computer science students interested in real­time interactive systems, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence, and physics students interested in constructing control systems and interfaces. Enrollment limited.

MUS WKSH G Workshop: Voice & Vocal Rep

Professor: A. Burrows

CRN: 91862 Distribution: F

Time:M 1:30 pm ­ 3:30 pm BLM HALL

In this singing class we explore the art songs of America, England, France and Germany, including some opera arias and ensembles depending on the make up of the class. At the same time we learn the necessary technique to perform them successfully. Each class will be divided into two parts. The first will deal with vocal technique, and the second with technical issues that arise from individual performance. Requirements: the ability to match pitches, and an adequate vocal range.


Music conference brings together music majors on a weekly basis. The content of each conference is generated by interests and needs of the students. Development of musical skills (ear training, improvisation, score reading), sharing of individual projects, and exploration of musical repertoire, are all activities pursued within the conference.

MUS 201 Music Conference II

Professor: D. Hagen

CRN: 91863 Distribution: F

Time: W 10:30 am ­ 12:00 pm BLM 117

MUS 301 Music Conference III

Professor: F. Hammond

CRN: 91864 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:00 pm ­ 5:00 pm BLM 117


Each ensemble is for one credit. It is possible to participate in more than one ensemble and receive additional credit accordingly. If private lessons are taken in conjunction with an ensemble, one more credit may be added.

MUS 105 Bard College Community Chorus

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart

CRN: 91865 Distribution: F

Time: Th 7:00 pm ­ 9:15 pm BDH

MUS 108 A Ensemble: Percussion

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91866 Distribution: F

Time:M 3:30 pm ­ 5:30 pm BLM HALL

MUS 108 B Ensemble: Contemporary

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91867 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:30 pm ­ 5:30 pm BLM HALL

MUS 108 C Ensemble: Wind and Brass

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91868 Distribution: F

Time: M 5:00 pm ­ 7:00 pm BLM 117

MUS 108 D Ensemble: Vocal

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91869 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 7:00 pm ­ 9:15 pm BDH

MUS 108 E Ensemble: Improvisation

Professor: R. Teitelbaum

CRN: 91870 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 7:30 pm ­ 9:30 pm BLM HALL

MUS 108 F Ensemble: Jazz

Professor: T. Barker

CRN: 91871 Distribution: F

Time:M 7:00 pm ­ 9:00 pm BLM HALL

MUS 108 G Ensemble: Baroque

Professor: F. Hammond/A. Burrows

CRN: 91872 Distribution: F


MUS 108 H Ensemble: Chamber

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart

CRN: 91873 Distribution: F


MUS 108 I Ensemble: String

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart

CRN: 91874 Distribution: F



Special Projects are designed for music majors only who want to pursue individual or group projects with a particular professor.

MUS PROJ R Special Projects

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart

CRN: 91875 Distribution: F


MUS PROJ S Special Projects

Professor: J. Golan

CRN: 91876 Distribution: F


MUS PROJ U Special Projects

Professor: D. Hagen

CRN: 91877 Distribution: F


MUS PROJ V Special Projects

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91878 Distribution: F


MUS PROJ Z Special Projects

Professor: T. Barker

CRN: 91879 Distribution: F


Private Music Lessons

All matriculated Bard students may be eligible to receive academic credit and scholarship for private instrumental or voice lessons. The choice of teachers is to be worked out on a case by case basis by the student and the Music Department. Payments and schedule are arranged by the teacher and student.

Requirements for academic credit:

1) Registered matriculated Bard Student.

2) Assignment of grade, based on performance in a departmental concert or audition by Evaluating panel at the end of each semester.

3) Participation in a music course that provides the student a larger forum of music making. A waiver of this requirement is possible in certain circumstances and is subject to Music Department review.

Credits awarded for the courses:

Lessons 2 credits

Performance Class 2 credits

Ensembles 1 credit

Chorus 1 credit

Requirements for scholarship:

1) Selection for scholarship by departmental evaluating panel, either through performance in a departmental concert or through audition.

2) Registration in an ensemble or performance class.

3) Maximum of $20 per lesson (towards lesson cost) available, applied as credit to the student's Bard account.

Audition will be held on Wednesday, September 4th, from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm in Blum Hall. Please sign up ahead of time at Blum.

For more information contact Luis Garcia-Renart or Jeanne Golan