MUS WKSH A Workshop: Composition Seminar

Professor: J. Tower

CRN: 91859 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 1:30 pm ­ 3:30 pm BLM HALL

This class will compose music that will be written down and passed to players to be rehearsed and taped. Every step of the process is assisted (particularly at the notational level) and discussed. Players in the class, as well as professional players from outside, will later join in to help bring each piece to life in sound. In addition, other twentieth­century works are played and discussed and occasional visits to performances of new music in New York are made. Individual meetings are arranged on a regular basis.

MUS WKSH B Workshop: Performance Class

Professor: L. Garcia­Renart/J. Golan

CRN: 91860 Distribution: F

Time: Th 1:30 pm ­ 4:00 pm BLM HALL

This class is conceived as a unifying workshop for performing musicians within the department. Please meet with the instructor prior to or during registration. (Private lessons can be taken for credit by registering for this course).

MUS WKSH F Integrated Electronic Music/Art

Professor: R. Teitelbaum

CRN: 91861 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:00 pm ­ 5:30 pm BLM EMS

A hands-on multidisciplinary workshop developing methods to combine diverse arts and media in interactive live performances and installations. These connections will be made by means of personal computers and specially designed electronic interfaces linking humans and machines. The course will offer instruction in the mastery of the facilities of the Bard Electronic Music Studio, including digital sampling, MIDI sequencing, and the programming of real-time, interactive, MIDI-based software, extensible to video (eg. QuickTime) and other visual domains (lighting, slides, etc.). The course will include examination and discussion of the history and literature of multi-media composition and performance art in the Twentieth Century. It is hoped that a broad range of disciplines will be represented. Collaboration with students working in film/video, drama/ dance, visual arts, music, and writing are actively encouraged, as are those with computer science students interested in real­time interactive systems, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence, and physics students interested in constructing control systems and interfaces. Enrollment limited.

MUS WKSH G Workshop: Voice & Vocal Rep

Professor: A. Burrows

CRN: 91862 Distribution: F

Time:M 1:30 pm ­ 3:30 pm BLM HALL

In this singing class we explore the art songs of America, England, France and Germany, including some opera arias and ensembles depending on the make up of the class. At the same time we learn the necessary technique to perform them successfully. Each class will be divided into two parts. The first will deal with vocal technique, and the second with technical issues that arise from individual performance. Requirements: the ability to match pitches, and an adequate vocal range.