MPZ 107 Composers' Ensemble Workshop

Professor: B. Boretz

CRN: 91918 Distribution: F

Time: Tue 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Brook

Tue 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Brook

A gathering of learners and practicers to formulate and experiment with and critically examine the results of experimenting with responsible strategies for cultivating (individual and collective) creative work, making the fullest possible use of themselves and each other. The Bard Composers' Ensemble is a playing/performing group consisting of instruments and voices, electrical and acoustical, meeting weekly to rehearse and prepare performances of music composed for the ensemble by its members and others. The Composers' Ensemble may be taken alone for 1 credit.

MPZ/FILM 210 Film and Sound (and Music)

Professor: B. Boretz

CRN: 91895 Distribution: n/a

Time: M 1:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm PRE

Cross-listed: Film

To observe, analyze, and participate in, the convergence of eventsound, environmentsound, musicsound, and filmimage which comprise the medium and the literature of soundfilms. All here witness showings of a number of exemplary films from the commercial and non-commercial literature, depending on their availability, for intensive discernment and consideration of the issues of time-experience structuring and multidimensional image formation - among other issues - which pervade the total receptory aesthetic and articulative resource of projected filmworks. Opportunity, for those who need it, for collaboration sound/film, music/film, in realtime or out, in film or video, in soundmedia electronic or acoustic, tape or live included.

MPZ 244 Listening/Study/Reading/Workshare

cross-listed: Film

Professor: B. Boretz

CRN: 91894 Distribution: n/a

Time: Th 1:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm Brook House

cross-listed: Film

A convergence of sounds to hear, including (at any given time) music of any cultural or historical moment, contemporary developments in sound expression, and a variety of metamusical phenomena, including the pursuit of analytical/critical studies (including writing analytically/critically/creatively about music), and readings over a wide variety of materials, including culture-historical, aesthetic-historical, ethnographic, theoretical and hermeneutical texts relating to, though not necessarily always directly engaged with, music. This semester, a variety of threads will be pursued through the course of the group's work (including: variant forms of the blues; classic songs of the American popular culture; the music of the modernist revolution; music of the present moment; cross-cultural perspectives on popular music in the third world). The project is designed for intensive and active participation by a few people who already have a serious intellectual engagement with music as listeners, and, hopefully, also with musical issues as musicmakers and thinkers. description