MATH 101 Topics in Mathematics

Professor: E. Bloch

CRN: 91725 Distribution: E/Q

Time: Tue Th 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HEG 106

In this course we will study topics outside the traditional mathematics sequence of algebra, trigonometry, functions, and calculus. The topics may include: number theory, probability and statistics, set theory, geometry and topology, groups and symmetry. Prerequisite: eligibility for Q courses.

MATH 102 Elementary Statistics

Professor: R. Goldstone

CRN: 91726 Distribution: E/Q

Time:M W 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HEG 106

This course is offered for the student interested in the basic concepts, methods, and implications of statistics. Students will collect and analyze their own sets of data. Mathematical and practical issues that arise in data collection and analysis as well as the conclusions that can legitimately be drawn from such work will be discussed. Elementary probability theory will be developed as needed. Prerequisite: eligibility for Q courses.

MATH 106 Mathematics and Politics

Professor: M. Halsey

CRN: 91727 Distribution: E/Q

Time:M W 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HEG 102

This course considers applications of mathematics to political science. Five major topics will be covered: a model of escalatory behavior, game-theoretic models of international conflict, yes-no voting systems, political power, and social choice. For each model presented, the implications of the model as well as the limitations of the model will be discussed. Students will be actively involved in the modelling process. There is no particular mathematical prerequisite for this course though we will do some algebraic computations from time to time and discuss deductive proofs of some of the main results.

MATH 111 Calculus of One Variable

Professor: M. Halsey

CRN: 91729 Distribution: E/Q

Time:M W Th 9:00 am ­ 10:20 am HEG 102

An introduction to the basic ideas of differentiation and integration in one variable. Topics include limits, techniques of differentiation, definite integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus, and applications. Prerequisite: background in precalculus mathematics.

MATH 113 Calculus

Professor: E. Bloch

CRN: 91728 Distribution: E/Q

Time: Tue Th 9:00 am ­ 10:20 am HEG 106

This course is for students who have studied calculus in high school. Students should be familiar with techniques of differentiation and basic integration. We will cover the topics of Mathematics 111 at a faster pace and in more depth. Additional topics such as probability will be developed if time permits. Those students who have studied calculus previously should consider taking Mathematics 211.

MATH 211 Intro to Differential Equations,

Techniques of Integration & Series

Professor: R. Goldstone

CRN: 91730 Distribution: E/Q

Time:M W F 9:00 am ­ 10:20 am HEG 106

This course is designed for students who have had a one­semester course on differentiation and integration at the level of Mathematics 111, and who wish to obtain further calculus skills, and be introduced to ordinary differential equations. The material covered is essential to anyone majoring in math or the physical sciences. The course is organized around methods for solving ordinary differential equations. Techniques of integration, series, and numerical methods are introduced as needed. Prerequisite: one semester of calculus or permission of the instructor.

MATH 331 Linear Algebra

Professor: R. Goldstone

CRN: 91731 Distribution: n/a

Time:M W 2:50 pm ­ 4:10 pm HEG 106

This course gives an introduction to the theory of abstract vector spaces. The concept of a vector space is often useful when studying physical phenomena. Topics covered will include linear independence and dependence, bases and dimension, linear transformations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization, inner product spaces, and orthogonality. Prerequisites: Mathematics 231 or permission of the instructor.

MATH 411 Real Analysis

Professor: M. Halsey

CRN: 91732 Distribution: n/a

Time: Tue Th 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HEG B10

An introduction to the rigorous study of functions of real variables. Topics include the topology of Euclidean spaces, continuity, convergence, and the Riemann integral. Proofs will be emphasized. Prerequisites: Mathematics 231 or permission of the instructor.

MATH 453 Modern Geometry

Professor: E. Bloch

CRN: 91733 Distribution: n/a

Time:M W 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HEG B10

This course will cover various topics in geometry, as developed from the ancient Greeks to the present, using modern mathematical techniques. Topics include Euclidean, non-Euclidean (hyperbolic and elliptic) and projective geometries. These geometries will be approached using both axiomatic and analytical methods, the latter making the use of linear maps, and groups of transformations.

Prerequisites: Mathematics 331 and 332 or permission of instructor.