ITAL 106 Intensive Italian

Professor: M. Nicoletti

CRN: 91630 Distribution: D

Time:M T W Th 10:30 am ­ 12:30 pm OLIN 101

A single semester equivalent to Italian 101-102. This rapidly paced course is designed primarily for students who have successfully studied other foreign languages. It is open to others with the instructor's permission. Four ninety-minute classes and two hours of language laboratory. Eight credits.

ITAL 301 La Voce Femminile

Professor: M. Nicoletti

CRN: 91631 Distribution: D

Time: Tue Th 9:00 am ­ 10:20 am OLIN 310

Cross-listed: Gender Studies

A study of selected texts by twentieth­century women writers. Authors studied include Matilde Serao, Maria Messina, Carolina Invernizio, Grazia Deledda, Anna Banti, Elsa Morante, Natalia Ginzburg, Anna Maria Ortese, Dacia Maraini, Francesca San Vitale, Beatrice Solinas Donghi, and Milena Milani. These works are examined in their social and historical context. Students are expected to participate actively in class discussion. Frequent oral and written reports are assigned to develop language proficiency. Prerequisite: Italian 202 or 203, or the equivalent.

ITAL 305 Quattro Poeti Contemporanei: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mario Luzi, Andrea Zanzotto, Amelia Rosselli

Professor: S. Sartarelli

CRN: 91914 Distribution: D

Time: Th 3:50 pm ­ 5:50 pm OLIN 306

A close examination of four poets of postwar Italy, and the poetics that each represents: Pasolini, realism and social revolt; Luzi and the metaphysical and "Hermetic" traditions; Zanzotto, experimentalism and the problematics of language; Rosselli, lyricism and the limits of language. We shall read generous selections from the whole body of work of each poet, with occasional selections from other contemporaries, and attempt to determine how they reflect new and old approaches to poetry in Italy and define or re-define language and meaning. Classes will be conducted in Italian.