GER 101 A Beginning German I

Professor: L. Morris

CRN: 91626 Distribution: D

Time: Tu Th 2:50 pm - 3:50 pm LC 208

W F 9:20 am - 10:20 am LC 208

For students with little or no previous instruction in German. This course is designed to develop listening comprehension and speaking proficiency as well as reading and writing skills. Instruction will include grammar drills, review of readings, communication practice, guided composition, and language lab exercises. Readings furnish insights into many aspects of German civilization and culture, thus conveying to students what life is like in the German­speaking countries today. Indivisible.

GER 200 Transitional German

Professor: S. Kufner

CRN: 92230 Distribution: D

Time: M Th F 9:00 am - 10:00 am OLIN 306

This course is designed for students who have completed approximately two years of high school German. While the emphasis will be on a review and an expansion of elementary grammar, all four language skills (speaking, aural comprehension, reading, writing) as well as cultural proficiency will be sharpened. Extensive language lab work will be combined with conversational practice, reading of modern German texts, and writing simple compositions. Successful completion will allow students to continue with German 202 in the spring.

GER 303 Grimms Märchen

Professor: F. Kempf

CRN: 91627 Distribution: B/D

Time:M Th 11:40 am ­ 12:40 pm LC 118

Close reading of selected tales with emphasis on language, plot, motif, image, and the relation to folklore. Critical examination and application of major approaches: Freudian, Jungian, Marxist, and feminist.

GER 317 German Poetry

Professor: L. Morris

CRN: 91628 Distribution: B/D

Time: W F 11:40 am - 12:40 pm PRE 101

Close readings and interpretations of the works of the major German poets of all periods, including Goethe, Schiller, Holderlin, Eichendorff, Heine, Rilke, Brecht, Benn, Celan, Bachmann, and Enzensberger. Some emphasis will be placed on historical, social, and biographical backgrounds, cultural contexts, and patterns of continuity. Critical and creative assignments.

GER 408 Heinrich Heine

Professor: F. Kempf

CRN: 91629 Distribution: B/D

Time: Tue F 11:40 am ­ 12:40 pm OLIN 301

For Nietzsche, Heine was "the highest conception of the lyric poet. I seek in vain . . . for an equally sweet and passionate music. He possessed that divine malice without which I cannot conceive of perfection." Acquiring an appreciation of both the music and the malice of Heine's artistry is the primary goal of the seminar. Close reading of the collected poems and selected prose works (e.g Travel Sketches, political journalism, On the History and Philosophy in Germany). Significant attention will be paid to the cultural and political contexts of his works, with readings drawn from Marx, Hegel, Feuerbach, Madame de Staël, and Wagner. Conducted in German.