CMSC 191 Introduction to Computer Science

Professor: M. Lewis

CRN: 91752 Distribution: E/G/Q

Time: M Th 9:00 am ­ 10:20 am HDR

This course is designed for liberal arts students with an interest in computer science. The course will examine the fundamentals of machine architecture, a hypothetical machine with an appropriate minimal high­level language, and a practical procedural language (Pascal). The study of problem­solving techniques and algorithm development will prepare students to apply the syntax and structure of a programming language to a variety of problem statements. The course will include regular programming assignments and a project which relates to the individual student's discipline.

CMSC 295 Artificial Intelligence

Professor: M. Lewis

CRN: 91753 Distribution: E

Time: M W 1:20 pm ­ 2:40 pm HDR

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) holds great promise and has been the object of significant research efforts and popular interest. However, successful practical applications of the research have been slow in coming, encountering more difficulties than many had predicted. This course will undertake a survey of AI research areas and applications, address the major obstacles and problems of the field, and then examine so­called expert systems. The course work will include a presentation/ paper on some AI topic as well as programming rudimentary expert systems using the logic programming language Prolog. Prerequisite: Computer Science 191 or permission of the instructor.