CHI 101 Beginning Chinese I

Professor: L. Ying

CRN: 91620 Distribution: B/D

Time:M T W Th 1:20 pm ­ 2:20 pm LC 118

For students with little or no previous knowledge of Chinese. An introduction to modern (Mandarin) Chinese through an intensive drill of its oral and written forms. Emphasis on speaking and basic grammar as well as the formation of the characters. Audio and video materials and literary texts will be incorporated into the curriculum to introduce Chinese culture. Daily active participation is vital. Divisible.

CHI 210 Women Writers of Chinese Ancestry

Professor: L. Ying

CRN: 91621 Distribution: n/a

Time: Tue 2:50 pm ­ 4:50 pm LC 118

Cross-listed: Gender Studies, MES

This course will focus on fiction by a group of women writers who, though born of the same roots, represent a diversity of backgrounds and artistic expressions. Among them, Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan write from the perspective of Chinese American women who are caught between two worlds; Li Ang, a Taiwanese writer, portrays personal struggles of women in a rural community; and Wang Anyi and Can Xue of China reflect upon the political changes that affect individual lives. These writers are linked by one common thread--their writings invariably contemplate on the meaning of tradition, be it folk tales told by an aunt, or Confucianist moral teachings reinforced by the rules of a clan, or fragmented knowledge about China's past gathered from political campaigns. Furthermore, they all locate the central struggle within the framework of women's experience in relation to the sociopolitical conditions which shaped and governed their lives.

CHI 301 Advanced Chinese

Professor: L. Ying

CRN: 91622 Distribution: B/D

Time:M W 2:50 pm ­ 4:20 pm LC 118

This course is for students who have taken at least two years of basic Chinese at Bard or elsewhere, and who want to expand their reading and speaking capacity and to enrich their cultural experiences. Texts will be selected from newspapers, journals, and fictional works.