Faculty and students must know their Bard email login name and password, and the BIP 6-digit PIN to participate in on-line registration. For lost PIN or problems accessing, contact the Registrar’s Office. For lost email login name or password, contact the Computer Helpdesk at x7500. Students must be financially cleared in order to register. Contact Student Accounts at x7520 if you have any doubts.




ON-LINE COURSE REGISTRATION – Round One • 8am - 10am


The first round of on-line registration opens to new transfer and first-year students at 8am and closes at 10am.  You can request specific courses through the Bard Information Portal (BIP).  Information about accessing BIP is on your registration information card.


FACULTY RESPONSE – Round One • 10am – 12pm 


Faculty have until noon to review and respond to student registration requests.  Students can sign into BIP during this time to check the status of their requests, but may not make additional requests until round two begins at 2pm.  


COURSE CONSULTATION • 12pm – 2pm • Faculty are in their offices or designated classrooms (locations are listed on your registration information card).  




On-line registration re-opens for a second round; this time, the drop-down boxes only include courses that still have space in them. 




Faculty have until 5:00 pm to review and respond to the second round of student registration requests.  If any changes need to be made to your schedule after on-line registration closes at 5pm, you can make the changes using a drop/add slip during the drop/add period starting Monday, September 4. 




If you do not get in to the First Year Seminar (FYSEM) section that you requested through on-line registration, you will be placed in a FYSEM section that fits your schedule.  Check your BIP again on Sunday to find out your FYSEM section.  If your course schedule changes and you need to change your FYSEM section, go to the Registrar’s Office during the drop/add period and they will move you to a different section that fits your schedule.



Special Situations:



Drop/Add Period


The drop/add period will extend from the first day of class until 5 p.m. on Wednesday of the second week of classes (Sept. 13th). Drop/add requires the signature of the professor and the student’s adviser.


Provided the 12 credit full-time enrollment minimum is observed, courses may be “late” dropped until 5:00 p.m. on the fifth Wednesday of the term

(October 4, 2017). Late drop requires the signature of the professor, the student’s adviser, and a registrar.  Late drop is not available to part-time students.



Students can request to take a course that is normally letter graded as pass/fail/D until 5:00 p.m. on the fifth Wednesday of the term (October 4, 2017). The petition requires the signature of the professor.



A standard course load is 16 credits (four 4-credit courses, or the equivalent) per semester. First-year and transfer students may register for no more than 18 credits in their first semester.  Returning students with a 3.6 average or better may petition to enroll in more than 18 credits. There is an additional charge for every credit over 20. Contact Students Accounts concerning charges for auditing classes.



100 level courses

Most 100 level courses are open to all students without prerequisite. However, some of these courses do require some background in the subject or, in the case of introductory photography, writing, and studio art courses, the submission of a portfolio. Check individual course descriptions for details.


200 level courses

Many 200 level courses are also open to all students without prerequisite. However, in some programs there are strict prerequisites, and the courses are only open to students with sophomore standing or higher. Check individual course descriptions for details.


300 and 400 level courses

Most 300 and 400 level courses have stated pre-requisites, and are open only to students who have a background in the subject.  Upper College Seminars for moderated students meet once per week and are limited to an enrollment of 15 students. 


          Prior to the start of course registration have a list of courses you wish to take, as well as a list of alternatives in case you are not able to get into your first choices.


          You must be financially clear in order to register.  If you are not clear please go to the Office of Student Accounts.


          Students will be billed for every credit over 20. The equivalent of 4 credits may be audited at no charge, audits in excess of 4 credits will be billed. See Students Accounts for specifics.


          Prior to registration, collect any forms you may need from the Office of the Registrar, Ludlow 201. These forms include:

                                Independent Study Proposal: independent studies differ from tutorials because the research and writing is done almost entirely on your own. Executive Committee approval and a faculty sponsor are required.

                                Change of Adviser Form:  Obtain the signature of the new adviser on the change of adviser form.


          Advisers will receive a list of their advisees’ courses for approval. If approved the adviser will sign and return the form to the Registrar.


If there are problems with registration you should talk to one of the following people:

Registrar: Peter Gadsby, Ludlow 207, x7457 

Dean of Studies: David Shein, Gray Stone, x7045

Associate Registrar: Diane Smith, Ludlow 200, x7459