SPAN 106

 Basic Intensive Spanish

Melanie Nicholson

M T W Th                9:30 am-11:45 am

OLIN 201



8 credits.  Cross-listed: Latin American & Iberian Studies This course is designed to enable students with little or no previous knowledge of Spanish to complete three semesters of college Spanish in five months (eight credits at Bard and four credits in Mexico in January). Students will attend eight hours of class per week plus two hours with the Spanish tutor. Oral communication, reading and writing skills will be developed through a variety of approaches. Prospective students must email the instructor prior to registration (nicholso@bard.edu).    Class size: 20



SPAN 201

 Intermediate Spanish I

Maria Del Mar Windeler

(Mar Gómez Glez)

M T W Th                3:10 pm-4:10 pm




Cross-listed:  Latin American & Iberian Studies  For students who have completed Spanish 106, 110, or the equivalent  (two or three solid years of high school Spanish). This course is designed to perfect the student's command of all four language skills (speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing). This will be achieved through an intensive grammar review, conversational practice, reading of modern Spanish texts, writing simple ompositions, and language lab work. Permission of the instructor required for students who have not completed Spanish 106 or 110 at Bard. Interested students should contact Prof. Melanie Nicholson (nicholso@bard.edu).  Class size: 18



SPAN 202

 Intermediate Spanish II

Nicole Caso

M  W Th 11:50 am-1:10 pm




Cross-listed: Latin American & Iberian Studies  This course continues refining the student's mastery of the four basic skills in Spanish at a post-intermediate level. The textbook offers an integration of literature, culture, and film. Our study of both visual and written texts focuses on critical thinking, interpretation, speaking, and writing skills. Prerequisite: Spanish 201 or equivalent; permission of instructor required for those who have not completed 201 at Bard. Class size: 20



SPAN 302

 Intro to Latin American Literature

Nicole Caso

M  W       1:30 pm-2:50 pm




Cross-listed: Latin American & Iberian Studies This course serves as an introduction to the interpretation of literary texts from Latin America. It covers a broad range historically—from pre-Conquest times to the present—and presents all literary genres, including poetry, short stories, novels, essays, and plays. In order to make sense of the broad chronological and geographical span of this literature, we will focus on seven separate modules, each highlighting a core moment or key figure in the development of Latin American culture. This course is intended to prepare students for more advanced and specialized seminars in Hispanic literature. Attention is paid to the expression of complex thought in response to literary texts, both verbally and in writing. 

Class size: 18



SPAN 304


Maria Del Mar Windeler

(Mar Gomez Glez)

 T  Th     1:30 pm-2:50 pm

HDR 106



Cross-listed: Latin American & Iberian Studies;  Theater This course focuses on the latest and most innovative playwrights and performance artists in Spain, considering them within the country’s rich theatrical tradition. Contextualizing these dramatic works within the political turmoil in Spain and Europe after the economic crisis of 2008, we will explore the links between theater and other forms of cultural expression. We will read authors such as Paco Becerra, Yolanda Pallín, and Jose Ramón Fernández, and will attend stage readings and other live performances in New York City. For their final project, students will be able to choose between a creative piece and a more traditional scholarly essay. Conducted in Spanish. Class size: 15