Please note that Intensive Greek will be offered in the Fall, and the equivalent beginners' level course in Latin, Intensive Latin, will be offered in the Spring.



GRE  106   

 Intensive Greek

James Romm /

Lauren Curtis

M T W Th *

10:10 am -12:30 pm

OLIN 310


8 credits This course will make it possible for students with no background in ancient language to read Homer, Plato, Greek tragedy, Herodotus, and other classical texts after one semester's intensive work.  Daily drill and frequent quizzes, together with ample access to tutoring and extra help, ensure that students stay on track as they master Greek grammar and vocabulary.    At this pace, students will begin reading short selections from classical authors after only a few weeks and longer passages by midterm.  Those wishing to enroll in this course must consult with Prof. Romm or attend the informational meeting in late April. First-year students will be admitted only if they have prior successful experience with language learning; other first-years are encouraged to take Intensive Beginning Latin in the Spring semester if they desire to learn an ancient language.  *There will also be an exam hour on Fridays, TBD.  Class size: 15



GRE  201   

 Intermediate Greek: HERODOTUS AND BEYOND

Carolyn Dewald

. T . Th .

11:50 am -1:10 pm

OLIN 302


We will read the first book of Herodotus' Histories, paying close attention both to the formal aspects of his language and to the historiographical implications of his narrative. Herodotus is 'the father of history' -- we will explore how and why history-writing began as it did, in his hands. Mid-semester the students will choose whether to continue with Herodotus' fifth-century Ionic narrative or to move to Plato's Apology, and Attic Greek.  Throughout the semester we will both be discussing fifth-century Greek culture and developing greater control over grammatical forms and syntax.  Class size: 8