LAT†† 201

Readings: Classical Latin LitERATURE

Rob Cioffi

M . W . .

1:30 pm -2:50 pm

OLIN 306


This course, designed for students reading continuous Latin for the first time, focuses on readings from the poetry of Catullus and from Cicero's letters. We will combine grammar drill and review with an emphasis on developing reading fluency in both poetry and prose. We will also consider questions of literary style, language and rhetoric, and will situate these authors within the world of Rome in the Late Republic. Students with high-school Latin are welcome to enroll but should consult with the instructor.Class size: 12




LAT†† 301 /

LAT 403

Advanced Latin: Ovid, love and metamorphosis

Lauren Curtis

M . W . .

1:30 pm -2:50 pm

OLIN 307


Ovidís poetic output was enormous, and his influence on later literature profound. This course offers a detailed reading of Ovidís poetry in Latin, focusing especially on his transformation of two major Latin literary genres: love elegy ('Amores' and 'Ars Amatoria') and epic ('Metamorphoses'). As we increase reading fluency by reading substantial portions of these texts in Latin, we will also develop interpretative tools for understanding Ovidís innovative treatment of love, change, society and myth. Prerequisites: successful completion of Latin 202, or permission of the instructor.Note that class can be taken at the 300 or 400 level depending on experience. Class size: 12