ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian II

Anna Cafaro

. T W Th .

10:10 - 11:30 am



Students will consolidate and further explore grammar structures; they will enrich vocabulary and continue developing their skills in spoken and written Italian through the analysis of literature and theater exerts as well as samples of authentic material from magazines, video, opera and pop songs. Prerequisites: Intermediate I (or the equivalent). Class size: 10



ITAL 302 Advanced Italian

Anna Cafaro

. T . Th .

11:50 -1:10 pm



This course is intended to improve students command of spoken and written Italian language as well as to approach the complexity of contemporary Italian society. Topics like immigration, intergenerational relationships, identity and controversial politics will be discussed and analyzed in class through short works of fiction, movies, magazine articles, etc. We will read works by new Italian writers and artists of first and second generation, such as L. Wadia, G. Ghermandi, A. Lakous. Students are encouraged to write on a regular basis and expected to participate fully to class discussions. Prerequisites: two years of Italian or equivalent. Taught in Italian. Class size: 6



LIT 3205 Dante

Joseph Luzzi

. T . . .

1:30 -3:50 pm

OLIN 310


This course will introduce students to the world and work of the so-called founder of all modern poetry, Dante Alighieri. Our close reading of the entire Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso) will consider such issues as the phenomenology of poetic inspiration, medieval theories of gender, Dantes relationship with the literary ghosts Vergil and Cavalcanti, the sources and shapes of the human soul, and how the weight of love (pondus amoris) can save this same soul. We will also read the story of Dantes poetic apprenticeship the Vita nuova (The New Life). Conducted in English, readings in English translation; option of work in Italian if student wishes.