HEB 101†† Beginning Hebrew

David Nelson

M T W Th .

1:30 -2:30 pm

OLIN 302


Cross-listed:Jewish Studies; Middle Eastern StudiesThis introductory Hebrew course will cover the basics of Hebrew  language: reading, writing and speaking - assuming no previous  knowledge on the studentís part. Although the text used for the course  is explicitly a text for Modern Hebrew, the skills acquired on this  first-year level can be easily applied to the study of pre-modern  (e.g., biblical and rabbinic) Hebrew text. Class size: 12



HEB 201†† Intermediate Hebrew

Doron Noyman

M T W Th .

10:30 -11:30 am

OLIN 307/

RKC 200


Cross listed: Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies†† This course will concentrate on developing a significant level of linguistic and communicative competence in Hebrew. Active and passive lexicon will be expanded and advanced grammatical structures will be introduced through exposure to different kinds of texts. Aspects of Israeli culture as well as differences between the Standard language and the spoken language will be highlighted.††