Conservatory Schedule:



CNSV 100 Studio Instruction


4 credits



CNSV 104 Secondary Piano


2 credits. Students should contact Frank Corliss



CNSV 108 Aural Skills


2 credits. Basic skills in sight-singing, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic dictation, clef reading, keyboard harmony, harmonic analysis and other requirements of functional musical literacy. Instructor: John Halle



0 credit

CNSV 110 Chamber Music




CNSV 112 Orchestral Training and Repertoire


0 credits The purpose of this course is to introduce Conservatory students to the art of orchestral playing.  Weekly sessions will include preparation for concerts, orchestral exercises, and readings of important orchestral repertoire including concerto accompaniments for fellow students.   Required for all Conservatory performance majors (pianists as needed). Instructors:  Leon Botstein and Erica Kiesewetter. Weekly sessions, 7pm - 9:30pm M, Th



CNSV 115 Conservatory Seminar I


4 credits An examination of the form and historical context of chamber and solo literature of the baroque, classical and early romantic period. In class discussion of pieces drawn from the performance repertoires of participants will augment an introduction to the basic analytical procedures  and selected biographical and historical readings relevant to the works.  A final performance/presentation of a work of the student's choice will demonstrate the practical application of the concepts acquired. Instructor: John Halle. 10:10-11:30 Tuesdays/Thursdays



CNSV 204 Performance Practice Workshop


2 credits A hands-on survey of performance styles from the Baroque through late Romantic eras.  Topics to be considered include vocal and instrumental techniques, rhetoric and gesture, phrasing and scansion, dance forms, rubato, articulation and ornamentation, and the performer's relationship with the audience. Participants will discuss and experiment with different means of expression on repertoire suitable for their instruments in a performance seminar setting.  Guest instructors will be drawn from vocal, keyboard, string, and wind performance-practice specialists from both within and outside the Bard community.  The course is open to students throughout the College and to graduate students of the Conservatory.   Monday 4-6 p.m. Manor Gatehouse. Instructor: Steven Hammer



CNSV 211 Alexander Technique for Musicians


1 credit The Alexander Technique provides a way of teaching us how to re-connect with our own innate energies.  For musicians this means discovering a way of performing with greater muscular ease, less accumulated fatigue and a less restrictive approach to technique.  This course introduces both F. M. Alexander's principles and a new set of physical experiences suited to the musician's specific needs.  The aim of the class will be learning how to apply the Technique to practice and performance situations.  Students will have the opportunity to work with their instruments in class. Instructor: Alex Farkas



CNSV 215 A Conservatory Seminar III:

Model Composition


4 credits Instructor: Composition in tonal forms making use of skills acquired in conservatory seminars I and II.  Students complete four works for instrumental and/or vocal ensembles of their choice, the most successful of which are performed in an end-of-semester public recital. Instructor: John Halle. 2:30 pm 3:30 pm Thursdays, Olin 106.



CNSV 215 B Conservatory Seminar III:

Species Counterpoint


4 credits Instructor: A rigorous course in two and three voice counterpoint, with careful attention to the aural significance of traditional principles of consonance and dissonance treatment. Class consists of introducing each species, examination of and performance of student exercises.

Instructor: John Halle. 2:30 pm 3:30 pm M-W, Olin 104.



CNSV 310 Keyboard Skills


2 credits Instructor: Frank Corliss



CNSV IND A Indep.Study: Chamber Music


2 credits



CNSV IND B Indep.Study: Orchestral Studies 2 credits