Before advising and registration:  Return the first-year seminar registration card to the office of the registrar by the due date.




10:30-12:00 Group Advising sessions

Meet in small groups with your academic adviser to discuss academic program requirements and opportunities for study in the first-year and to schedule an individual advising session.


        12:00-5:00                                                 Individual advising sessions

Meet one-on-one with your academic adviser to review your academic history and interests and to develop a program of study for the fall term. 



        9:00-10:30                                                 Individual advising sessions

      Faculty advisers will be in their offices for additional meetings to review course selection for the fall term.


10:45-12:30 Course consultation

Faculty will be available in classrooms to meet with students who have questions about courses or programs.  See the map for locations.


1:30-3:30     Registration for the fall 2008 semester

Faculty will be available in classrooms to sign registration cards.  See the map for locations.



A “regular” course load is 16 credits (four 4-credit courses or the equivalent) per semester. First-year and transfer students may register for no more than 18 credits. Returning students with a B average or better may petition to enrol in more than 18 credits. There is an additional charge for every credit over 20. Contact Student Accounts concerning charges for auditing classes.



100 level courses

Most 100 level courses are open to all students without prerequisite. However, some of these courses do require some background in the subject or, in the case of  writing, and studio art courses, the submission of a portfolio. Check individual course descriptions for details.

200 level courses

Many 200 level courses are also open to all students without prerequisite. However, in some programs there are strict prerequisites, and the courses are only open to students with Sophomore standing or higher. Check individual course descriptions for details.

300 and 400 level courses

Most 300 and 400 level courses have stated pre-requisites, and are open only to students who have a background in the subject.  The classes are limited to an enrollment of 15 students; Upper College Seminars for moderated students meet once per week.


v     Prior to the start of course registration have a list of courses you wish to take, as well as a list of alternatives in case you are not able to get into your first choices.


v      You must be financially clear in order to receive your registration card.  If you are not clear please go to the Office of Student Accounts.


v     Prior to registration day, collect any forms you may need from the Office of the Registrar, Ludlow 201. These forms include:

                        Irregular Program Form: needed if you have a B average or above and wish to register for more than 18 credits or if you intend to be a part-time student. First-year and Transfer students cannot register for more than 18 credits.

                  Independent Study Proposal: independent studies are not the same as tutorials because the research and writing is done almost entirely on your own. Executive Committee approval and a faculty sponsor are required.

      Change of Adviser Form: it is not sufficient to ask your new adviser to sign the registration card. You must complete the change of adviser form.


v     During the registration period faculty members must sign your registration card.


v     After your registration card has been signed by faculty members have your adviser review and sign the card.


v     Bring the completed registration card to the Henderson Computer Center where your registration will be recorded and you will receive a printout of your schedule. Courses without faculty signatures will not be recorded. No registrations will be recorded without an adviser's signature.


v     Returning students register during the Drop/Add period, September 1st - 17th. 





(1) You are unable to sign up for a full load of courses (16 credits) on registration day. Turn in your registration card with whatever you have signed up for by the end of registration day. You can always add more courses later using an add/drop form, and at least you will be registered.

(2) You cannot find your adviser on registration day.  Talk to David Shein, Peter Gadsby, Jennifer Triplett, or Diane Smith.

(3) You lose your registration card. Go to the Henderson Computer Center.

(4) You want to change your adviser. Pick up a Change of Adviser form from the Registrar, have your new adviser sign the form and return it to the Office of the Registrar.

(5) You want to register for a tutorial. No special form is needed.  Use the designated space on the registration card; be sure to indicate the level and number of credits.


                                                               IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS

If anything goes wrong on registration day you should talk to one of the following people:

Registrar Peter Gadsby, Ludlow 210, x7457  or Henderson Computer Center

Associate Registrar Diane Smith, Ludlow 200, x7459 or Henderson Computer Center

Assistant Registrar Jennifer Triplett, Ludlow 208, x7145 or Henderson Computer Center

Assistant Dean of the College David Shein, Ludlow 102, x7045