Each of the courses listed below has quantitative methods and concepts as a significant component of the course. Each Q course has a certain level of mathematical facility as a prerequisite. This facility must be demonstrated by a satisfactory grade on the Quantitative Placement Examination or by completing the assistance program designed by the Director of Quantitative Skills.


BIO 10

Subcellular Biology

CHEM 101

Basic Prin of Chemistry

CHEM 201

Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 411

Physical Chemistry

CMSC 141

Computer Science I

CMSC 243

Intro to Functional Programming

CMSC 301


CMSC 323

Computer Graphics

CMSC 373

Software Interface Desing

ECON 101

Intro to Microeconomics

MATH 107

Topics in Geometrical Math

MATH 110


MATH 111

Calculus I

MATH 112

Calculus II

MATH 211

Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 235

Discrete Mathematics

MATH 261

Proofs and Fundamentals

MATH 331

Linear Algebra

MATH 361

Real Analysis

PHYS 101

Intro to Physics I

PHYS 321

Modern Physics

PHYS 323

Methods of Theoretical Physics

NSCI 123

Energy, Entrophy & Information

NSCI 135

Curious Cooks

NSCI 140

Forensic Chemistry

PSY 203

Intro to Statistics and Research Design

SOC 205

Intro to Research Methods