Perseus Project: An Evolving Digital Library

Iliad-the Practical Approach"
After summary there is a "the story behind the story", plus brief statements about such basic topics as the nature of the epic hero and the Homeric question. A good short annotated bibliography is at the end.

Classics Technology Center
Useful site which adequately explains not just obvious things like the background of the poem, but also ornamental epithets, questions of genre, etc.

Study Questions/Poetics/TranslationContains 16 different translations of the first seven lines plus an extremely literal one and explanation of the meter. Good section on oral poetics. Hundreds of study questions.

Map of Homer's Greece
Includes the major Bronze Age (Homeric timeframe) sites in the Aegean and lists (color-coded) the heroes/heroines who come from them.

Women in Ancient Greece (page has links to detailed info on Iliad)
Has useful plot summaries of the books in which female characters appear. Also of interest are recaps of the major gods/goddesses and male heroes at Troy.

Legend of the Trojan War
Provides a thorough but succinct overview of many of the legends (those included in the Iliad as well as those which take before and after the action of the Iliad) surrounding the Trojan cycle. Also includes sections on the Cultural Influence of the Legend of the Trojan War and the legends surrounding the house of Atreus (Agamemnon and Menelaus' family).

Images/Art of Troy
Supplements the Iliad with images from ancient art. Has links (with images) to art depicting scenes from the Iliad as well as myths that pre- and post-date the action of the epic. Also has plans of Mycenae and Pylos.