Course No.

CRES 301


Environment at the World Scale


Joanne Fox-Przeworski


Wed 1:30 pm - 3:50 pm OLIN 202

This seminar will explore questions relating to the global commons and specific environmental concerns that transcend national borders. In analyzing how the world has responded to these concerns, students will become familiar with international negotiations and mechanisms for cooperation; questions relating to compliance, implementation and enforcement; and positions of key developed countries, economies in transition and developing countries on these issues. Readings will draw heavily on reports of actual negotiations and case studies of major regional and global agreements. Students will be expected to select an environmental problem that transcends national borders (such as ozone depletion, climate cha7nge, loss of biological diversity, toxic chemicals, pollution of oceans, etc.), trace its historical treatment, and analyze the principal constraints as well as the incentives to addressing the problem. In-class presentations will precede a final written report. The seminar will be of interest to students of political science, environmental studies, anthropology, international affairs, the developing world, trade, scientific issues, or economics.