what is RELIGION?  who are the women of the bible?

Mary Grace Williams

 T    Th  5:00 – 6:20 pm

Jan 29th – Feb 28th

OLIN 203

1 credit   Women often played significant roles in the biblical narratives and stories of Israel and Jesus.  Yet much less attention has been paid to them throughout history.  Who are they and what contributions did they make to these ancient texts. Why have their stories often been ignored, suppressed, or misinterpreted? How are they relevant to today’s culture and what can we learn from them in this age of feminism? Class size: 25  This class will meet for the first 5 weeks of the semester.



HUM 135 BT


Robert Tully

  M           3:10 – 5:10 pm

Class meets for the first 8 weeks of the semester

OLIN 305

1 credit   (+ additional 1 credit tutorial) This course -- designed as a “Tutorial Seminar” -- will provide Bard students a special opportunity to engage directly with scholars who have examined the nature of equality from the perspective of their own disciplines.  The occasion of this course is the forthcoming publication of a volume of essays, Equality -- More or Less (Hamilton Books), edited by Robert Tully and Bruce Chilton.  The research, contributed by faculty from Bard College and West Point, falls in the areas of History, Religion, Social Science, Legal Theory, Ethics and Philosophy. The regions covered include the Middle and Far East, Europe and America, the time periods both contemporary and historical.  These essays present facts reported about injustice and the lack of equality which speak for themselves and are meant to invite, even provoke, discussion, which is the essence of a dynamic seminar.  But what makes the seminar also a tutorial?  As far as possible, each meeting of the seminar will focus on a single essay with its author present and the students prepared to discuss the topic.  During the semester, every student is sure to find one or another of the essays to have special relevance, its topic worth pursuing and applying in the form of a seminar paper.  By enabling interaction with authors and the enrichment of face-to-face discussions, this course encourages research and writing in which each student can take pride. Class size: 20