what is the bible?

Mary Grace Williams

 T    Th 5:00 pm   6:20 pm

HEG  102



1 credit  The Bible is still the best-selling book in the world and its influence on cultures throughout the world is unprecedented. Why is this collection of ancient sacred texts so important even in this growing secular environment? Why and when was it written and by whom? How do the stories and narratives of the Bible continue to resonate with every generation?  (This class meets Jan. 30th   Feb 22th.)  Class size: 20 



HUM 135 BC

 what is fundamentalism?

Bruce Chilton

 T    Th 5:00 pm   6:20 pm

OLIN 305



1 credit   Fundamentalism is one of the most misunderstood of religious phenomena, frequently confused with literalism in general, or with traditional or militant forms of faith. Those intellectual mistakes frequently lead to bad social policy. Understanding the phenomenon is the beginning of wisdom.  Fundamentals came to be asserted in the United States during the nineteenth century as part of a homegrown philosophical response to two basic religious challenges. The first challenge was an historical reading of the New Testament, which was felt to undermine dogma; the second was a scientific reading of the universe, which was felt to undermine faith. Seeing how American intellectuals, especially at Princeton University, responded to those challenges will open Fundamentalism up to our understanding. (This class meets

Feb. 27th   Mar. 29th.)  Class size: 20