SST 145

 Pedagogy & Practice

Carol Murray

 T           6:30-7:45 pm

       F     9:00-12:30 pm

Bard Nursery School



2 credits  This course is designed for students curious about early education as the foundation for lifelong learning.  Within each module, we will explore principles of child development and examine what progressive education looks like for our youngest citizens at Bard. On Friday mornings, students will be integrated into an early education settings where they will observe and engage with children ages 3-5.  The last 30 minutes of practicum will be reserved for reflective writing together.  Readings on Tuesday evenings will integrate themes of constructivism with the view of child as citizen, researcher, and meaning maker. Guided discussion will provide opportunity to consider the historical and current views of child growth and care in our country and how it influences and shapes our view of childhood, early learning, parenting and family life in our society.  Modules will be organized around these topics: Pedagogy of Play; Pedagogy of Care; Pedagogy of Listening; Pedagogy of Reflection and Thinking.    Class size: 6