LAT 201

 Vergil's Aeneid

David Ungvary

M T  Th   9:00-9:50 am

OLIN 309



Cross-listed: Classical Studies Vergil's Aeneid is the greatest Roman epic; we will read portions of the first half of the epic in Latin, concentrating on increasing the students' confidence in Latin forms and syntax, but also in exploring the literary genius of Vergil -- the poem's themes and literary characteristics (figures of speech, structure, tropes, depiction of character, construction of the action, etc.). We will also read the Aeneid in its entirety in English.  Open to students who have completed Latin 102 at Bard or its equivalent elsewhere (consult with Prof. Romm, romm@bard.edu, if unsure about placement). Class size: 15



LAT 310

 Advanced Latin: Ovid in Exile

Lauren Curtis

 T  Th    4:40-6:00 pm




In 8 CE, Rome's most famous poet, Ovid, was banished by Augustus to the furthest frontier of the Roman Empire, the Black Sea. Far from his friends, family, and the cosmopolitan city he loved, he embarked upon the final work of his life: to record the experiences of exile in series of groundbreaking texts that grapple with the fraught relationship between the artist and imperial power and search for a literary language to express his state of geographic, political, and cultural exclusion. We will read the whole of Ovid's third book of Tristia ("Lamentations") in Latin along with as many selections from the rest of the corpus as time allows. Students will further develop Latin reading fluency while gaining a range of critical approaches to Ovid's text and working on research skills in Classics (including writing a research paper). Prerequisite: Latin 201/202 or permission of the instructor. Class size: 15