Division of Languages and Literature

Website: http://writtenarts.bard.edu

Updated August 8, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Dinaw Mengestu (director)

2.     Susan Fox Rogers (assistant director)

3.     Mary Caponegro

4.     Teju Cole (leave of absence fall 2018)

5.     Benjamin Hale

6.     Michael Ives

7.     Robert Kelly

8.     Ann Lauterbach

9.     Wyatt Mason

10.   Daniel Mendelsohn

11.   Chiori Miyagawa

12.   Bradford Morrow (leave of absence fall 2018)

13.   Joseph O'Neill

14.   Philip Pardi

15.   Francine Prose

16.   Luc Sante

17.   Mona Simpson (leave of absence 2018-2019)


Non-advising Faculty:


1.     Ian Buruma (leave of absence fall 2018)

2.     Neil Gaiman (leave of absence fall 2018)



Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


1.     Successful completion of one workshop in the Written Arts Program

2.     LIT 103 Introduction to Literary Studies

3.     one LIT Sequence Course (U.S. Literature I, II, or III; Comparative Literature A I, II, or III; or English Literature I, II, or III)

4.     any additional course from the Division of Languages and Literature

5.     any additional course from the Division of Languages and Literature


Graduation Requirements:


6.     Senior Project I

7.     Senior Project II


Students are expected to develop a plan of study with their adviser and continue their study of literature every semester. Emphasis should be on courses in comparative literature, translation, literary history, historical studies, philosophy and linguistics, as well as in the other arts.



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


LIT 103

WRIT writing workshop

FYSEM I (fall)

FYSEM II (spring)


LIT 257 (US Lit sequence)

L&L elective

L&L elective


Moderation (spring)


WRIT writing workshop

L&L elective

L&L elective

L&L elective


Sr. Project I (fall)

Sr. Project II (spring)

WRIT Senior Colloquium

L&L elective