Updated August 15, 2017



Advising Faculty


1.     Susan Aberth Art History (co-coordinator) (on sabbatical fall 17)

2.     Nicole Caso Spanish (co-coordinator)

3.     Bruce Chilton Religion (co-coordinator)

4.     Daniel Berthold Philosophy (leave of absence fall 17, sabbatical spring 18)

5.     Katherine M. Boivin Art History

6.     Richard H. Davis Religion

7.     Karen Sullivan - Literature


Concentration Requirements


The Theology concentration enables students to explore new directions that have emerged since the removal of theology as a dogmatic discipline from most liberal arts curricula. The focus is on how the divine or ultimate is conceived. While the critical study of religion is designed to describe and analyze religious systems within their historical settings, Theology's purpose is to engage what these systems claim to refer to.


Theology is a concentration (a secondary field of study) that requires students to major in a primary program along with Theology. A Theology core faculty member must be on both the Moderation board and the Senior Project board, and usually serves as adviser.


Moderation Requirements:


1.     Theology 201: Working Theologies

2.     Theology cross-listed elective course

3.     Theology cross-listed elective course



Graduation Requirements:


4.     Theology cross-listed elective course

5.     Theology cross-listed elective course

6.     Theology cross-listed elective course

7.     Theology cross-listed elective course

8.     Senior Project I

9.     Senior Project II