Division of Social Studies


Updated August 15, 2017



Advising Faculty


1.     Yuval Elmelech (director)

2.     Laura Ford

3.     Peter Klein

4.     Allison McKim

5.     Joel Perlmann



Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


1.     a 100-level course in Sociology (ideally SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology)

2.     SOC 213 Sociological Theory

3.     SOC 205 Introduction to Research Methods


Graduation requirements:


1.     SOC elective

2.     SOC elective

3.     SOC elective

4.     SOC 300-level Seminar

5.     SOC 300-level Seminar

6.     Senior Project I

7.     Senior Project II



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


SOC 101

FYSEM I (fall)

FYSEM II (spring)


SOC 213

SOC 205

SOC elective


Moderation (spring)


SOC 300-level seminar

SOC elective

SOC elective


Sr. Project I (fall)

Sr. Project II (spring)

SOC 300-level seminar