Division of the Arts


Updated August 15, 2017



Advising Faculty


1.     Julia Rosenbaum (director)

2.     Susan Aberth (on sabbatical fall 17)

3.     Katherine M. Boivin

4.     Teju Cole (leave of absence fall 17)

5.     Laurie Dahlberg (on sabbatical fall 17)

6.     Diana H. DePardo-Minsky

7.     Patricia Karetzky

8.     Alex Kitnick

9.     Susan Merriam

10.   Gretta Tritch Roman

11.   Olga Touloumi

12.   Tom Wolf



Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


Students must complete ARTH 101 or 102 Perspectives in World Art I or II, and at least three other art history courses (from the list below or electives).


Graduation Requirements:


         ARTH 101 or 102 (must be taken before moderation)

         Period Requirement: an ancient/medieval designated art history course

         Period Requirement: a 15th century through 18th century designated art history course

         Period Requirement: a modern (post 18th c.) designated art history course

         Geographic requirement: an Americas designated art history course

         Geographic requirement: a European designated art history course

         Geographic requirement: an Asian/African/Middle Eastern designated art history course

         studio arts, photography, or filmmaking course 

         ARTH 385 Art Criticism and Methodology (taken junior year)

         Senior Project I

         Senior Project II


Note: One course can fulfill BOTH a period and geographic requirement.


At least two of the art history courses must be 300-level seminars (in addition to ARTH 385).



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


ARTH 102

FYSEM I (fall)

FYSEM II (spring)


ARTH 290 Arts in China

ARTH 131 (1400-1800)

ARTH 219 European art


Moderation (spring)


ARTH 320 (ancient-1400)

ARTH 385 Art Criticism

ART 101 Painting I

ARTH 160 Latin American art


Sr. Project I (fall)

Sr. Project II (spring)

ARTH 340 (1800-present)